Prof. Zeng Dechang
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Name: Zeng Dechang

Research direction:

A. Magnetic materials with emphasis on hard magnetic materials (structural and magnetic properties) and magnetic thin films

B. Materials with giant magnetoresistance, giant caloric effects, etc.

C. Semi-conductive materials and thin films

D. High-Tc superconductors

E. Conventional structural materials

Particular interest in research in the structural, electronic as well as magnetic properties and the applications of magnetic, semi-conductive and high-Tc superconducting materials as well as their thin films.

Contact number: 020- 87114234





Doctor in Physics and Materials Science at Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Ph.D. Thesis in English: “Substitutional Effects in Some High-Tc Superconductors and Magnetic Properties of Some R-T Intermetallics” supervised by Prof. Dr. Y.C. Chuang (Late-Academician of CAS), Prof. Dr. G.W. Qiao and Prof. Dr. F.R. de Boer)


Doctor in Physics and Materials Science at Van der Waals-Zeeman Laboratium, Universeit van Amsterdam supervised by Prof. Dr. F.R. de Boer and Prof. Dr. K.H.J. Buschow


M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at Xiangtan University, Hunan, China (M.S. Dissertation in Chinese: “Influence of Quenching Temperature on Microstructural Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of Steels” supervised by Prof. Y.H. Tan)


Bachelor in Materials Science at Xiangtan University, Hunan, China