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The “Research on the Correlation between Intestinal Micro-ecology and Health Effects of Traditional Dietary Structure in China” national key R & D plan project progress report was successfully held
The College of Biological Sciences and Engineering holds Party Member Conference and Party Building Theme Day
School of Life Science and Technology and International Institute of Education of Xinxiang University Visit College to Study Exchanges
The College of Biological Sciences and Engineering of SCUT communicates and studys the spirit of the 2019 school working meeting on comprehensive and strict governance party
The National Key Research and Development Program "Development and Application of Key Technologies for Medical Life Science Data Quality Control" Project Started
Vice President Zhu Min checks the safety of our laboratory and guides the work
2019 National Natural Science Foundation Reporting Mobilization and Experience Exchange Meeting
Biological College holds a talent training work conference
Undergraduate teaching practice base of SCUT has added two well-known enterprises
Professor Wang Jufang was selected as the new teaching and Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education​
Biology College participation in China Bioengineering Society Synthetic Biology Professional Committee (funding) preparation work
The College of Biology and the Brothers College hold a seminar on scientific research integrity
Feeling the history and culture of SCUT, establishing a good teacher's morality
Party Committee held a central group study (expansion) meeting