Office of Administration

The Office of Administration is responsible for the management of the general affairs and operation at Guangzhou International Campus (GZIC), SCUT. The main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Administrative coordination and administrative affairs;  

2. Assisting GZIC Party Committee in Party construction affairs;

3. Publicity affairs;  

4. Asset management;  

5. Security affairs;

6. Logistics affairs;

7. Laboratory management;  

8. Extension management of the laboratory construction, equipment procurement, financial management, information construction and management, library and archive construction and management, auditing, medical service and bidding management;  

9. Other relevant tasks.  

Our Team

Mr. CHEN Huaqiang

Deputy Director

Overall Affairs

Tel:  +86-20-81182839

Email: hqchen@scut.edu.cn

Mr. ZHAO Hong

Deputy Director

On-site Construction Affairs

Tel: +86-20-81181966

Email: zhaohong@scut.edu.cn

Mr. ZHOU Pengfei

Deputy Director

On-site construction affairs

Tel: +86-20-81181666

Email: pfzhou@scut.edu.cn

Ms. HE Liyun

Deputy Director

Secretarial & Publicity Affairs

Tel: +86-20-81181607

Email: heliyun@scut.edu.cn

Section for Campus Planning and Management

Mr. OU Liming

Deputy Section Chief

Campus Planning and Management   

Tel: +86-20-81181155

Email: lmou@scut.edu.cn

Mr. ZHENG Haoyi


Water & Electricity Maintenance, Fire Control & Security, Engineering Management

Tel: +86-20-81181884


Ms. ZHU Yuanjing


Housing Management, Financial Management and Other Administrative Affairs

Tel: +86-20-81181603

Email: zhuyj11@scut.edu.cn

Section for Information and Communication

Mr. ZANG Jiangjiang

Deputy Section Chief

Information & Communication

Tel: +86-20-81181608

Email: xcjjzang@scut.edu.cn

Ms. LAN Yuan


Information & Communication, Reception and Other Administrative Affairs

Tel: +86-20-81181602

Email: lanyuan@scut.edu.cn

Contact us

Address: C2a407-409, Office of Administration, Guangzhou International Campus, South China University of Technology, 777 Xingye Avenue East, Panyu District, Guangzhou, P. R. China, 511442

Tel: +86-20-81182199


Email: intlcampus@scut.edu.cn