The Teaching Seminar “Exploration and Practice of Interdisciplinary Frontiers: Emerging Engineering F Scheme” Successfully Held in GZIC

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On the afternoon of January 6th, 2022, the teaching seminar “Exploration and Practice of Interdisciplinary Frontiers: Emerging Engineering F Scheme” was held in GZIC. Yu Dongsheng, professor of the Institute of Educational Sciences of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and executive deputy editor of the journal Research in Higher Education of Engineering, was invited to the seminar. Attendees included Xiang Cong, director of the Academic Affairs Office of SCUT and director of the Office of Teaching Affairs of GZIC, Mao Aihua, deputy director of the Office of Teaching Affairs of GZIC, and deans and teacher representatives of the 5 schools of GZIC.

(Opening Remark)

Firstly, Xiang Cong introduced the practice, preliminary results and prospects of the cultivation of emerging engineering talents in Guangzhou International Campus. Since the first admission of undergraduates in 2019, Guangzhou International Campus has fully relied on the industrial and geographical advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, focused on the major needs of the country and Guangdong province, adhered to the goal of cultivating innovative, creative and entrepreneurial talents, paved a 5I training path, explored the modern university governance system and tenure-track system, and deepened the reform of the emerging engineering talent training mode in an all-round way. After more than two years of practice, Guangzhou International Campus has made remarkable progress and achievements in the implementation of interdisciplinary curriculum system, the practice of Internationalization at Home, the interdisciplinary talents cultivation mode of “school+college+institute”, and the improvement of the first-year experience for freshmen.

(Office of Teaching Affairs, GZIC)

Then, the 5 schools respectively summarized their talents cultivation achievements. Focusing on the talent training reform, the 5 schools have striven to tackle the national stranglehold problems, combined the connotation of Emerging Engineering F Scheme and their characteristics, and innovated the cultivation mode. With the principle of “cultivating students by virtue” as its basis, the School of Microelectronics has formulated the integrated circuit talent training program which deeply combines industry and education throughout undergraduate, master and doctoral studies, seeking the university-enterprise collaborative education mechanism. Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering has established the “Intelligence+X” interdisciplinary training mode, the curriculum system guided by “ideological orientation+ability cultivation”, and the mode of project-based deep learning. Focusing on the national strategy of “Four Aspects”, the School of Emergent Soft Matter has established a curriculum system covering 6 interdisciplinary fields, gathered high-level teachers, and built scientific research and competition platforms. The School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering has striven to build a world-class curriculum system, practice and academic platform, innovate the talent training and evaluation system, and create a “soft environment” for talents introduction and growth. The School of Future Technology has laid out three major research directions: intelligent sensing devices and equipment, big data and digital twins, and AI + fusion technology. Led by design and equipped with knowledge, it has promoted the integration of education, industry and society systems, making efforts to establish the first-class training mode, curriculum system and experimental platform.

(School of Microelectronics)

(Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering)

(School of Emergent Soft Matter)

(School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering)

(School of Future Technology)

(Prof. Yu Dongsheng)

Lastly, professor Yu Dongsheng fully affirmed the practice and achievements of the emerging engineering talent training in SCUT. He pointed out that SCUT has a unique and profound understanding of the connotation of emerging engineering, and that a series of exploratory practices conducted in GZIC have truly implemented the concept of the Emerging Engineering F Scheme, which is of great reference and inspiration. He believed that SCUT will continue to deepen the connotation of the emerging engineering, actively carry out theoretical research on the training of emerging engineering talents, and explore radical innovation in combining industry, education and research in the future.

(Source from the Office of Teaching Affairs, GZIC, translated/proofread by the Office of Global Affairs, GZIC)

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