Mingcheng College

Mingcheng College, the second college on Guangzhou International Campus, is not only a carrier to run the pilot project but also an important platform to accomplish the mission of “Cultivating talents in all aspects of their studies by all”.

As another independent secondary unit set up by the University, Mingcheng College undertakes the important functions of cultivating the comprehensive quality and improving the innovation ability of the Campus undergraduates.

Just as the Doctrine of the Mean says, from which the College name “Mingcheng” comes, “When we have intelligence resulting from sincerity, this condition is to be ascribed to nature; when we have sincerity resulting from intelligence, this condition is to be ascribed to instruction” and “It is only the individual possessed of the most entire sincerity that can exist under Heaven, who can adjust the great invariable relations of mankind, establish the great fundamental virtues of humanity, and know the transforming and nurturing operations of Heaven and Earth”, Mingcheng College has refined it to its motto “Mingxin Zhicheng” (Pursue integrity and strive for the most entire sincerity).

The principal of Mingcheng College, He Jingtang, is both an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a national survey and design master.

Academician He has been awarded the National Model Teacher and National Model Worker, and He is also the winner of the first Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize, Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize and Outstanding Contributor to Science and Technology in Guangdong Province.

He has presided over the design of a number of national landmark buildings with global influence, including the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo and the expansion project of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.

With the principle of “Strengthening Morality in Cultivation”, Mingcheng College has implemented the whole-person education concept of “Possessing morality and ability, uniting knowing and doing, and integrating general and professional education”.

Mingcheng College has also explored the self-management mechanism, where students are motivated to actively participate in cultural promotion and public affairs of the community, so as to cultivate their awareness and ability of self-decision, self-discipline, self-reliance and self-confidence to regard themselves as the “master” of the Campus.

In order to create the “50-meter cultural circle” and the “100-meter sports circle”, Mingcheng College is committed to building a diversified community, where multiple functional rooms such as study room, activity room, library, talking room, consulting room, seminar room and administrative offices are concentrated in the College building.

College dormitory is technologically advanced with elevator and entrance control system based on student card and facial recognition.

Walking in the blue ocean-themed dormitory, you will feel at home, in which the central air conditioning comforts you with heating in winter and cooling in summer, the storage spaces such as lockers, wardrobes, computer tables and multi-layer storage inside the steps connecting upper and lower bunk are large enough, and the balcony and double bathroom are equipped with clothes hangers and hooks.

Here, academic tutors, tutors for career planning, counsellors and peer students are everywhere, all of whom coexist in the learning of knowledge and practice.

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