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Faculty Positions

1. Tenure-Track Assistant Professors | Associate Professors


(1) The successful candidate must have a completed doctoral degree.

(2) The candidate's academic level and qualifications should meet the appropriate standards for the position of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in international universities.

(3) The successful candidate must commit to work full time in university after application is approved. The probationary period(Tenure-Track) is 6 years; The initial appointment is 3 yearsthe renewed appointment is also 3 years.

2. Tenured Associate Professors | Professors


(1) The successful candidate should hold a position of associate professor or above or equivalent position in an international university or research institute, or at an equivalent academic level.

(2) The successful candidate must commit to come to the university full time after the application is approved.

Working Conditions and Benefits

      1. Working Conditions

      (1) Those who have been employed in faculty positions simultaneously qualify as graduate supervisors and will be offered postgraduate enrollment quotas.

      (2) Qualified postdoctoral fellows recruited by faculty staff will be jointly paid by Guangdong Province Government, Guangzhou Municipal Government, the university and the supervisor together for two years.

      (3) Start-up research funds and suitable research space will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the position.

      (4) The university will support faculty members to apply for various competitive grants from the national government, Guangdong province, Guangzhou municipality and enterprises to obtain scientific research support.


      2. Living Benefits

      (1) Salary: a competitive salary corresponding to the position will be provided comparable to that of top international universities. For applicants who have obtained faculty positions in world-class universities, the salary can be negotiated with reference to the applicant's current salary and benefits.

      (2) Housing benefits: on-campus rental apartment and corresponding talent support provided according to relevant policies of Guangdong province and Guangzhou municipality.

      (3) Other benefits: according to relevant Chinese policies for non-Chinese citizens, the university will pay the employee component of Chinese social insurance, and help with children’s enrollment in the university’s kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools.

Schools and Institutes

School of Future Technology

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition; Data Mining, Big Data Computing and Platform, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Data Security;  Neuroscience, Computational Brain Science, Brain-inspired Computing, Perception and Cognitive Intelligence; Human-Computer Interaction; Intelligent Flexible Electronics, Wearable Computing; Biomedical Electronics, Smart Healthcare; Intelligent Communication; Smart City, Low-Carbon Smart Energy, Intelligent System and Control.

Outstanding scholars in these fields and other related areas are cordially invited to apply.

Contact: Ms. Wang




School of Microelectronics

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Millimeter Wave/ RF / Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Digital-Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Millimeter Wave Radar Antenna Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Edge Computing, Advanced Materials and Devices, Intellisense, Smart Sensor, Integrated Circuit Packaging and Reliability, High-Precision EDA Simulator, etc.

Outstanding scholars in these fields and other related areas are cordially invited to apply.

Contact: Ms. Chen

Tel: +86-20-81181623



School of Marine Science and Engineering

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Outstanding scholars in Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Fluid Mechanics focusing on flow/structure interactions and sediment transport, Physical Oceanography with experiences in surface or internal wave hindcasting and other related areas are cordially invited to apply.

Contact: Mr. Zhu


Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Basic research and applied research related to Robotics, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Automation Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, High-end Equipment.

Outstanding scholars with specialized or interdisciplinary backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Intelligent Engineering, and other related fields are welcome to apply for corresponding positions.

Contact: Mr. Feng    

Tel:  +86-20-81182103 



School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Tumor Biology, Systems Biology, Single-cell Biology, Computational and Genomic Medicine, Immunology and Immune Engineering, Biomedical Big Data and Precision Medicine, Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery, Biomedical Imaging and Molecular Imaging, Regulatory Science for Medical Devices, etc.

Outstanding scholars in these fields are cordially invited to apply.

Contact: Ms. Tu

Tel: +86-20-39380916


School of Emergent Soft Matter

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Outstanding scholars in Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Biomedical Science and other related areas are cordially invited to apply, including but not limited to the frontier fields of Information and Electronic Materials/technology, Advanced Energy Storage Materials/Technology, Nano-Mechanics/Technology, Bionic Materials/Technology, and Advanced Materials for health and medicine etc.

Contact: Ms. Wu

Tel: +86-20-22237323


Spin-X Institute

Disciplines for Recruitment:

Spin-X Institute has established four main research areas: Spin Chemistry, Spin Control, Spin Materials and Devices, and Spin Biology and Medicine. On the basis of thoroughly interdisciplinary cooperation, Spin-X Inst. develops its research on high-impact scientific issues and highly-demanded cutting-edge technologies closely related to spin science in multiple disciplines, including Materials Science, Information Science, Life Science and Energy Science.

Outstanding scholars with specialized or interdisciplinary backgrounds are welcome to apply for corresponding positions.

Contact: Mr. Wang

Tel: +86-20-81181677



About SCUT

South China University of Technology(SCUT) is a leading public research-intensive institution in China. Located in Guangzhou, a thriving metropolis located in the Pan Pearl River Delta Economic Area and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of South China, it is now one of the 36 Class-A universities under the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE)’s national Double First Class University Plan.

SCUT is a comprehensive research university with particular strengths in engineering, sciences, medicine, business, economics, humanities, law and other disciplines.

The Official Website of SCUT is:

About GZIC

On March 15, 2017, the agreement of the construction of Guangzhou International Campus (GZIC) was signed by four parties: the MOE of the People’s Republic of China, Guangdong provincial government, Guangzhou municipal government and SCUT, this is the first campus jointly built by MoE, the local provincial government, the municipality and the university itself. SCUT-GZIC aims to drive innovation and serve the country through education and research activities, as well as contributes to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Located on the south bank of Guangzhou International Innovation City, GZIC covers an area of 110 hectares. The first-phase campus has already opened in September 2019, and the remainder of the campus is marked for completion by the end of 2022. The total investment of the campus is estimated to exceed 20 billion RMB. Upon completion, the campus will enroll about 12,000 students and employ 1,600 staff.

In line with SCUT’s strength in engineering, the Guangzhou International Campus focuses on disciplines such as intelligent manufacturing, biological medicine, advanced materials, microelectronics, data science, AI and other emerging engineering and interdisciplinary fields.

New engineering schools and a host of cross disciplinary research institutes have been set up on campus. So far, six schools and one institute have been established, they are the Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering, the School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, the School of Microelectronicsthe School of Emergent Soft Matter, the School of Future Technology, the School of Marine Science and Engineering, and the Spin-X Institute.

The schools in GZIC offer undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs. Enrollment for graduate students started in September 2018, while undergraduate enrollment began in September 2019 in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Molecular Science and Engineering, Microelectronics Science and Engineering, Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science and Big Data technology.

The Official Website of SCUT-GZIC is:

Contact Information

Welcome to send your application materials to the email address of the contact person for the respective school or the below academic recruitment email address of the campus. Your application materials should include the curriculum vitae, a research plan, and a teaching plan (all in PDF format). In addition, three referees should send their reference letters to the academic recruitment email address to support your application by indicating the name of the applicants as the subject of the email.

The academic recruitment Email:

Contact: Mr. Fu, Ms. Wang

Tel: +86-20-81181617  +86-20-81181613

Source from the Office of Human Resources and Academic Planning

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