Open Faculty Positions at South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology of SCUT

South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology (AISMST), located at the Wushan campus of South China University of Technology (SCUT) in Guangzhou, was established in May 2016. AISMST is a research institution administrated directly by SCUT. It’s designed as a pilot area for this university to explore the foundation of world-class research institutions. By adopting the advanced management and operation system in line with the world, AISMST seeks to build an international basic and application research platform with interdisciplinary cutting-edge science and technology. Meanwhile, the science, engineering and technology for materials development are integrated in AISMST to satisfy the specific industry needs of Guangdong Province. In particular, the AISMST focuses on high level fundamental research and technological innovation in the fields of soft matter, and is building the platforms for hybrid functional materials, nanomedicine/biomaterials, high performance polymer materials and novel energy materials.

As the 3rd campus of SCUT, the Guangzhou International Campus (GZIC) of SCUT was constructed jointly by MOE, Guangdong Provincial Government, Guangzhou Municipal Government and SCUT in 2018. The School of Molecular Science and Engineering (MoSE) was emerged as one of the first batch four-schools in GZIC. In 2019, the MoSE school enrolled the first cohort of undergraduate students. The AISMST serves as the core of new founded MoSE, thus acquires much increased opportunity and resource to develop into world-class innovation center for soft matter materials.

For the better development of this institute, we are looking for talents in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and materials related to soft matter from around the world.

Research Fields of Interest

Outstanding scholars in physics, chemistry, materials, biomedical science and other related areas are cordially invited to apply, including but not limited to the fields of polymer chemistry, soft matter functional and intelligent advanced materials, special materials under extreme conditions, advanced information and energy materials, advanced health and medical materials basic research and applied engineering, etc.

Faculty Positions are open for Full Professor (PI) and Associate Professor.

Compensation Package

1. Working Conditions

Those who have been employed in faculty positions simultaneously qualify as graduate supervisors and will be offered postgraduate enrollment quotas.

Start-up research funds and suitable research space will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the position.

The university will support faculty members to apply for various competitive grants from the national government, Guangdong province, Guangzhou municipality and enterprises to obtain scientific research support.

2. Living Benefits

Salary: a competitive salary corresponding to the position will be provided comparable to that of top international universities. For applicants who have obtained faculty positions in world-class universities, the salary can be negotiated with reference to the applicant's current salary and benefits.

Housing benefits: on-campus rental apartment (subject to application and approval) and a housing subsidy may be provided according to relevant policies of Guangdong province and Guangzhou municipality.

Other benefits: according to relevant Chinese policies for non-Chinese citizens, the university will pay the employee component of Chinese social insurance, and help with children's enrollment in the university's kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools.

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Please send the application materials to the mailbox of the contact person. We will respond to any questions about recruitment and relevant policies in a timely manner through the contact person.


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