Prof. Pingchuan SUN shared the latest research on multiphase polymers

At the invitation of AISMST, Prof. Pingchuan SUN from Nankai University visited us and gave a talk titled “Microphase separation and interfacial interactions in multiphase polymers as revealed by solid-state NMR”.

Prof. Pingchuan SUN from Nankai University

As introduced by Prof. Pingchuan SUN, the microphase structures in multiphase polymers often endows the polymer material comprehensive enhanced physical and chemical properties. In particular, the nm-sized interphase and interfacial interactions have significant effects on the final properties of materials, but it is quite challenging for the accurate characterization on the interphase. Therefore, elucidation of the microphase structure and interphase can provide piercing insights into the fabrication and design of high-performance polymer materials.

Taking the Epoxy Resin/block copolymer (ER/BCP) as an example, Prof. Pingchuan introduced the application of multiscale solid-state NMR methods in characterizing the microphase separation structure and interfacial interactions. Solid-state NMR can be used to elucidate the interphase structure in various polymer and biopolymer blend systems, and thus can provide theoretical and experimental guidance for the design and fabrication of high performance polymer materials.

Prof. Pingchuan SUN is an expert on solid-state NMR spectroscopy. His research is mainly focused on the study of multiscale structures and dynamics, polymer physics and advanced polymer materials. 

This talk well demonstrates that solid-state NMR is a very powerful tool for elucidating the structures and dynamics in polymers.

Source from South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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