Polymer Structure and Dielectric Properties: Short-term Course by Prof. Lei Zhu from Case Western Reserve University

From December 25th to 28th, Professor Lei Zhu from Case Western Reserve University was invited to visit South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology, South China University of Technology for a short-term course. The course, titled “Polymer Structure and Dielectric Properties”, was part of the Overseas Lecturer Program and a counterpart course of Physics Chemistry. The systematic and comprehensive curriculum consisted of 5 lectures, namely, X-ray Technology and Symmetry of Crystals, X-ray Structure Determination using Reciprocal Space, Chain Conformation in Crystals, Linear Dielectric Properties of Polymers, Nonlinear Dielectric (Ferroelectric) Properties of Polymers. 

Prof. Lei Zhu from Case Western Reserve University

“Electrical properties of polymers are an important part in condensed matter physics of polymers, which can be divided into two main parts: the electrical conductivity of insulation and semiconductors.” During the course, Prof. Zhu described the insulation properties closely related to the structure of the solid polymer. Firstly, he described crystalline structures of polymers, including X-ray determination of crystal structures and chain conformations. Secondly, four polarization types of dielectric polymers were introduced, including electrons, atoms (or vibrations), orientations (or dipoles), and space charge (including ion and electrons/holes) polarization, etc. Lastly, Prof. Zhu lectured on the electrical behavior of dielectric polymers, which can be either a linear dielectric or a non-linear ferroelectric. Numerous practical applications can be found in cable insulators, capacitors, electrets, and actuators.

Lecture on live

Prof. Lei Zhu has long been engaged in research on high molecular polymer and organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for high energy density capacitor applications. He was able to developed artificial antibodies as nanomedicine and supramolecular self-assembled discotic liquid crystals, which has high influence on basic research and industrial applications. Prof. Zhu is good at combining basic science with applied research, he has given an informative, well-founded, detailed course and enlightened students to apply their knowledge with his personal experience. (South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology)

Source from South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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