South China University of Technology-Peking University Seminar on Soft matter

On October 10th, a seminar on soft matter between South China University of Technology (SCUT) and Peking University (PKU) is hold in South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology (AISMST). Researchers from two schools have a discussion on the frontier issues in soft matter science.

SCUT-PKU Seminar on Soft Matter

There are 12 academic talks in this seminar, which are “What is Next Giant Molecules” (SCUT), “The Aggregation of Conjugated Polymer in Solution” (PKU), “Controlling Polymer’s Viscous-Elastic Property and Its Industry Applications” (SCUT), “Organic Reaction and Piezochromism in Single Crystal under High Pressure ” (PKU), “Polymer Physics in Polyoxometalates” (SCUT), “A Model Research on Non-Equilibrium State in Bio-Macromolecules ” (PKU), “Chemical Topology and Complexity of Protein Architecture” (PKU), “Understanding Glassy Dynamics in Complex Soft Materials via Theory and Computation” (SCUT), “Protein PEPylation” (PKU), “Self-Healing Hydrogel” (SCUT), “Conjugated Polymers for Bioelectronics” (PKU) and “Tough Bonding and One-Demand Debonding between Hydrogels and Deiverse Solid Surfaces” (SCUT).


After the seminar, researchers from PKU visit the new building of AISMT and have a discussion with junior scholars about the core problem and future of soft matter. 

Researchers from PKU visiting AISMT

This is the 4th seminar on soft matter in SCUT. Previously, AISMT also hosted “2018 International Symposiums on Soft Matter Science and Technology”, “South China University of Technology-Tsinghua University (Taiwan, China) Seminar on Soft matter” and “2018 Soft Matter International Seminar” in SCUT.

Source from South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology

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