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The South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the AISMST) of South China University of Technology was established in May 2016 and is located in the Wushan campus of South China University of Technology. The Institute is a research institution at the university level, and is a pilot area for schools to explore and build world-class research institutions. By adopting the advanced management system and operation mechanism in line with the world, the Institute will build an international first-class basic and application research platform with high-end talent pooling, mechanism and system innovation, and multi-disciplinary cross-cutting. Aiming at the frontier of world science and technology development, the Academy adheres to the orientation of internationalization, high level and innovation and carries out forward-looking basic research and technological innovation in the fields of soft material science foundation, soft material functional materials follow-up engineering and technology integration in combination with the major strategic needs of the state and Guangdong Province. World class soft material science and technology research base. For the development of the Institute, we are looking for talents in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and materials related to soft matter.

Post doctoral recruitment

(1) post setting

Postdoctoral posts in schools are set up as follows: category I postdoctoral posts, category II postdoctoral posts and category III postdoctoral posts; corresponding postdoctoral posts are hired according to the applicants'educational experience, innovative ability, academic achievements and level, development potential and other conditions, and classified recruitment and assessment management are implemented.

(2) recruitment requirements

The applicant must be a Ph.D. with a Ph.D. degree of not more than three years or a Ph.D. dissertation in defense of the current Ph.D. under the age of 35.

1. Applicants for category I postdoctoral posts should obtain a Ph.D. from the top 100 universities or disciplines in the world (ARWU, QS, THE, US News).

2. Those who apply for category II post-doctoral posts should be excellent candidates who have obtained undergraduate or doctoral degrees from two-class universities in China, the top 500 universities or research institutes directly affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and who have obtained doctoral degrees or have defended their doctoral dissertations.

3. Those who apply for category III post-doctoral posts should be excellent candidates who have obtained a doctoral degree or have passed the doctoral dissertation defense in domestic and foreign universities or research institutions.

(3) salary and remuneration

1. The school provides an annual salary of RMB 200,000-320,000 yuan (category I 320,000 yuan, category II 260,000 yuan, category III 200,000 yuan), and refers to the standards of the school's peers to pay five insurance and one fund for postdoctoral students. The Institute will give extra performance pay as viewed.

2. postdoctoral children enjoy the same treatment of school teachers and children.

3. postdoctoral research results are rewarded with scientific research awards according to the provisions of school research awards.

4. provision of rental apartments or rental subsidies for postdoctoral schools according to school regulations.

(4) employment management and development prospects

1. the first and second class post doctorate is not less than 3 years in principle, while the third class post doctorate is 2-4 years.

2. For those who are exceptionally outstanding in the outbound examination, the school may directly employ them as career teachers according to the needs of their posts; for those who are exceptionally outstanding in the outbound examination, they may apply for school teachers'posts, and the school may choose to employ them as career teachers according to the needs of their posts.

3. The school encourages and supports postdoctoral students to apply for various postdoctoral talent projects and research projects in the state and Guangdong Province during their stay in the station. Those who have received project funding will enjoy high treatment.

4. the post doctorate can declare the senior professional and technical post qualification during the station.

other matters

The required information forms and the application process can be found and downloaded in the Information Download section of the website.

General affairs advisory contact: Dai teacher,, Tel: 020-22237323

Specific professional counseling can be directly linked to doctoral tutors.

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