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The School of Architecture actively implements the “opening up” policy of the university, and emphasizes on strengthening international collaboration and exchange with overseas architecture schools, design and academic institutes. Since 1997, the school has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of architecture schools from more than twenty countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. In recent years we have made greater progress and important breakthroughs. Through faculty members and students exchange and training programs, collaborative research projects, we have established close collaborative relationship with a dozen renowned universities in Italy, Germany, Canada, UK, France, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. At present, the school hosts regular exchange and communication activities with Harvard University, ecole d'architecture de lyon, University of Ferrara, The Corps of Engineers of Ponts et Chaussées (Bridges and Roads), University of Bergen, Catholic University of Palana in Brazil, The Chinese University of Hong Kong , and University of California, Berkeley. We also invite internationally renowned scholars and architects to give lectures and seminars in our school regularly. Meanwhile, a large number of faculty memebers have been sent abroad to give lectures and attend training courses.