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Message from the Dean  


The Architecture of South China is full of vitality. Founded in 1932, the School of Architecture of SCUT boasts a 85-year history of excellence. With the efforts of the School's faculty and staff, the School has accumulated a profound culture and academic tradition and shaped unique Lingnan academic style. Over the past years, the School of Architecture has developed into an education-research institution with diverse academic offerings in South China and has had a remarkable influence home and abroad.
In the process of endeavoring to be a globally recognized Architecture School, the School of Architecture is aligned with the motto of SCUT. It holds a belief in extensive learning, careful reflection, clear discrimination and working perseveringly all the time. It always pays attention to students' personality, academic background, abilities and adaptability in its education programs and prepares its students with high quality, three innovative abilities (innovation, creation and entrepreneurship) and special knowledge. Through 85 years' development, school has formed its own favorable style of pursuing the truths, careful reflection and asking, independent thinking, and venturing to be the first. We have produced an immensely talented, accomplished, and diverse family of alumni in Architecture.
We honestly hope and expect that friends from all over the world continue to help shape our school's future. Welcome to SCUT and to the big family of the School of Architecture.