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The School of Architecture emphasizes fundamental research, application and developmental research in its scientific research. The School gives priority to the development of fundamental studies, while actively performing Transverse Studies. The School persists in achieving a virtuous circle of research, development, design and production. By relying on the National Key Laboratory of Subtropical Architecture and Architecture Design Institute, the school has formed many scientific research teams while meeting national architecture industry development demand. In the past five years, the school has conducted 742 projects with total research funds worth 2.39 billion Yuan. It has undertaken 27 national projects, 17 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (among which there was one key project,11 general projects and 5 projects of International Cooperation and Exchanges NSFC), 5 sub-projects of Science Research Project of Eleventh Five-year Plan, 130 provincial projects and 462 other transverse projects. The school has participated in compiling many national or provincial technical regulations, design standards and publications. Since 2004, the faculty has over 608 essays and over 48 books published. 

Applying scientific research results to practice is encouraged in the school. It has won many awards in various architecture design competitions. Scores of the School's building projects have also won influential national or provincial awards, especially in the fields of campus architecture planning and large public architecture design. The School has also been honored the first-class award of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and won more than 80 prizes at provincial and ministerial level or above, including 5 national gold awards in design. The School of Architecture has gained remarkable achievements in subject construction and research, the design works for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, and the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders are some of the best examples, all of which have had a profound effect both at home and abroad.

In China, School of Architecture of SCUT has led the research of subtropical architecture science, the large-scaled public architecture design, design of urban planning, Lingnan landscape planning and design, rehabilitation and conservation of ancient architecture, Lingnan folk housing. Entering the 21 century, School of Architecture of SCUT will continue to give priority to education and research in order to make even more contributions to our country’s architecture development, especially in South China, and try its best to be one of the best architectural schools in the country and to be a comprehensive education institution with the integration of teaching, research and practice.