SCUT Landscape•Meeting Report |The 2019 New Year symposium of Landscape Education Information Profession Committee of Guangdong Landscape Architecture Societywasheld at School of Architecture
time: 2019-02-25

On February 21st, 2019,the 2019 New Yearsymposium of Landscape Education Information Profession Committee of Guangdong Landscape Architecture Society(hereinafter referred to as the Profession Committee) washeld in the red building of our college.The meeting was attended by nearly 30 persons, including the profession leaders of the universities and colleges offering Landscape Architecture in Guangdong province, as well as the chairman,vicechairmen, secretariesgeneral and vicesecretariesgeneral of the Profession Committee. PENGChengyi, executive vice chairman and secretarygeneral of Guangdong Landscape Architecture Society, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting waspresided overby Professor LINGuangsi, the secretary-general of the Profession Committee and the director of the Department of Landscape Architectureof School of Architecture of SCUT.At the beginning of the meeting, Professor XIAOYiqiang, thevice chairman of Guangdong Landscape Architecture Society, the chairman of the Profession Committee and the vice dean of School of Architecture of SCUT delivereda New Year speech.

Then, Professor LINGuangsi introduced the position, responsibility and work outlook of the Profession Committee. The Profession Committee is set up to give full play to the integration advantages of educational, scientific research, publishing, enterprise and other institutions in Guangdong Province, to construct a "industry-university-research" advantageous platform for the development of education, to actively carry out various scientific research and academic exchanges, to provide support and services for the cultivation of Landscape Architecture professionals at all levels in Guangdong Provinceand the promotion of Landscape Architecture science and technology research and information exchange in various fields.The Profession Committee’s key work will mainly focus on the following six aspects:(1) establish smooth organizational connections;(2) strengthen the construction of the Profession Committee's own communication platform;(3) actively host, undertake and co-organize various educational and scientific research conferences and activities;(4)carry outeducation and training activities of the industry;(5)jointly carry out provincial and regional major resources surveys and research assistance programs;(6) regulate the operation and management of the committee itself.

Thereafter, Mr.PENG Chengyiextracted the key points from the education chapter of the just released ‘The development plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’ andpointed out the importance and support for academic exchange and cooperation in Greater Bay Area at the national level. Therefore, it should not be limited to academic exchanges within Guangdong Province, the coordinated development of education in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Areais not only the trend of the future but also the goal of struggle.

Next, the participants discussed and supplemented the work content of the Profession Committee in 2019.Representatives from Yijing Landscape, Pubang Landscape Architecture, WenkeLandscape and otherenterpriseslook forward to further expanding and deepening the cooperation between universities and enterprises in the future,applying scientific research results from universities and colleges, effectively improving the level of scientific research and practical application of Guangdong Landscape Architecture, and implementing and taking the road of industry-university-research.Teachers from Guangdong undergraduate colleges and universities suggested continuing to expand the exchange platform of the Profession Committeeto achieve the overall linkage between universities and universities, enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and universities, and vigorously support the holding of various design competitions, academic conferences, make them of high quality and normalized, so as to enhance their influence.Teachers from highervocational colleges put forward to provide more convenient research channels for students in highervocational colleges, thestandardization of the setting of courses related to Landscape Architecture in higher vocational colleges.

The second important content of the meeting was the preparatory work for the 2019 annual meeting of the Profession Committee.Professor FENGFeng,the director of the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Agricultural College of Guangdong Ocean University, introduced the theme, scale and expenses of the 2019 annual meeting of the Profession Committee.The participants participated in the discussion and eventually formed a more complete annual meeting plan.

At this symposium, the participants expressed their views freely and put forward many feasible suggestions and the meeting achieved fruitful results.Finally, Mr. Peng chengyi and Professor XIAO Yiqiang made a brief summary of the meeting.The 2019 New Yearsymposium of Landscape Education Information Profession Committee of Guangdong Landscape Architecture Societysuccessfullyended in a warm atmosphere.




Text: Ren Jing

Photography: Li Zhiqiang