Glad News |Team SCUT-POLITO won the first place in the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition
time: 2018-09-03



At 9:00 am on August 17, the closing ceremony of the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition (SDC2018) was held in the lecture hall of Solar Energy Township in Dezhou, Shandong. Tao Shaojing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of South China University of Technology, Chen Huaqiang, deputy director of the Guangzhou International Campus Comprehensive Affairs Office of South China University of Technology, and Si Jumin, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, and leaders, teachers and guests attended the closing ceremony. Team SCUT-POLITO won numbers of top three individual scores in this competition, and finally won the first place in the competition.

  Wang Yichengmade a speech on stage


At the closing ceremony, the teamleader  Wang Yicheng took the stage as a student representative and reviewed the team's efforts for the competition within a few years. He expressed his gratitude to the supporters including the school, sponsors, government and organizing committee. And summarized the achievements of the team and individuals in this competition.

  Tao Shujing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SCUT, interviewed


In the awarding session, the organizing committee first awarded the results ofArchitecture, and Team SCUT-POLITO won the second place. Subsequently, the top three winners of the competition were enacted, and Team SCUT-POLITO wonthe first place in the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition.

  Team members of Team SCUT-POLITO  on the stage


The organizing committee and the jury gave high praise to "LONG-PLAN", the competetion plan of Team SCUT-POLITO and affirmed its value and achievements in architecture, technology and market.

  The Awards of Team SCUT-POLITO


From the beginning of the competition, after the objective test scores and subjective evaluations began, Team SCUT-POLITO was among the best in each individual item, including the first place in Engineering , the first place inInnovations, and the second place in Market Appeal, the second place in Architecture and the fourth place in the Communications.

At the same time, the objective test, including Comfort Zone, Appliances, Home Life, Commuting, and Energy, the team maintained excellent and stable results for up to half a month, which is also the last the total score of the championship has laid a solid foundation.  



Introduction to the Solar Decathlon Competition 2018  

Launched by the National Energy Administration and United States Department of Energy, presented by China Overseas Development Association, Solar Decathlon China is a green energy building technological competition with global universities as participants. Based on the technologies and ideas of world-leading R&D and designing teams, the competition is established to create a functionally-complete,comfortable, livable and sustainable living space.

Introduction to Team SCUT-POLITO

Team SCUT-POLITO is composed of teachers and students from South China University of Technology and the Italian Polytechnic University. The "LONG-PLAN" is the wisdom of both parties.The team members include top instructors in urban design, green building, energy-saving technology, and more than a dozen departments from the two universities, including the School of Architecture, School of Civil and Transportation, School of Electric Power, and School of Energy and Environment. Undergraduate and graduate students. 


Introduction to “LONG-PLAN”

The Long House Project enhances the freedom of use of space through the control of architectural order and advocates the idea of regaining natural life. As a long-lasting bond that maintains the feelings among the residents, the Longhouse Project integrates human comfort (+), energy saving (-), and urban effects (×)module construction (÷) Four strategies to return the life of ecology, humanities and technology to the city and let history go to the future.