2018 Solar Decathlon China | Team SCUT-POLITO pre-construction ceremony of the housing main body was successfully held
time: 2018-04-11

On April 8, 2018, the China International Solar Decathlon (SDC) the Pre-construction ceremony of the housing main body of Team SCUT-POLITO was held in B1-106, International Building, South Campus of South China University of Technology. Professor Li Zheng, Vice principal of SCUT, Professor Sun Yimin, Dean of the school of Architecture of SCUT, and Mr. Si Jumin, Party Secretary, and Assistant Professor Mauro Berta of POLITO, Ms. Rossella Giacometti, Commercial and Cultural Promotion Specialist of the Italian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Ms.Romina Di Martino and Ms. Alma from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, Ms. Tian Yuan, Deputy Secretary of the Organizing Committee of 2018 SDC, Lucas Li,Director of competition operations, Huang Yuanfeng, assistantgeneral manager of China Construction Steel Corporation, Zhang Yifei, Vice President of Yingli Group's BIPV Institute and other sponsors representatives, leaders of supporting departments of South China University of Technology, leaders of the school of Architecture of SCUT, media representatives, and instructors and project consultants of Team SCUT-POLITO, team members of Chinese and Italian students attended The Pre-construction ceremony of the housing main body. Xiao Yiqiang, the deputy dean, was the host of this ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Li Zheng, the Vice President of SCUT reviewed the history of SCUT and looked forward to the construction of the International Campus of SCUT. He expressed his appreciation for the multidisciplinary collaboration of the SCUT and POLITO, and wished the LONG-PLAN of Team SCUT-POLITO would successfully complete and achieve a better result in the August competition.

Prof. Sun Yimin and Assistant Professor Mauro Berta gave the speeches on behalf of  China and Italy. They both reviewed the challenges faced by Team SCUT-POLITO in the past two years. In addition to thetwo-story building that poses challenges to the overall performance of the house, longer time spans have a significant impact on team organization and project progress. The professors also stated that although the design of thelow-rise, high-density, green residential buildings based on the urban context of the United Team’s plan is faced with many difficulties, it is also an important opportunity. The teachers and students of the two universities have started continuous discussion by participating in the SDC competition. This project not only builds a house in the competition, but also responds to the problems of urban development and the imagination of the future housing.

Then Ms. Tian Yuan, Deputy Secretary General of the 2018 SDC organizing committee, put forward the challenge to the localization, marketization and innovation of the international solar competition in China, and fully affirmed the work completed by the Team SCUT-POLITO. In the review of the SDC events, she gave very high praise of the SCUT Teams' consistent spirit of innovation and persistence, and she looked forward to the performance of the team in Dezhou three months later.

Huang Yuanfeng, deputy general manager of China Construction Steel Company Limited, Zhang Yifei, vice president of the Yingli Group Research Institute of photovoltaic architecture, introduced the most advanced technologyand the latest products used in the competition, and wished the team will make a good achievement with the support from sponsors.

After the speeches, Xu Anjiang and Wang Yicheng, the project leaders, respectively introduced the scheme design, technology application, and schedule nodes to each guest, and on behalf of the Team SCUT & POLITO, thanked the sponsors for providing building materials for the housing and other departments of SCUT for providing supports for team events.

Then the party secretary of the school Mr. Si Jumin and Dean Sun Yimin, gave the sponsor certificates and commemorativeplaques to the Top level sponsor and the first level sponsors. The vice president, Professor Wang Shifu, gave the second level sponsors and the third level sponsors. And all of them took the photos together.

Finally, team members went to the building site together with distinguished guests. Prof. Sun Yimin, Assistant Professor Mauro Berta, Mr. Huang Yuanfeng, Ms. Rossella Giacometti and Ms. TianYuan jointly unveiled the main body of the house.

The purpose of the China International Solar Decathlon Competition is todesign and construct a fully functional, comfortable, livable and sustainable integrated solar residential building, using the technology and creativity of the world’s top R&D teams, and would made it the new urbanization and science and technology incubation bases. Now there are three months left, let's hope that the Team SCUT&POLITO will redouble their efforts in the final phase and cooperate wholeheartedly with all supporters to better complete this competition.


From the Team SCUT-POLITO