Glad News | Professor ZHAO Honghong and Prof. XIAO Yiqiang from SCUT achieved the China Architecture Design Award • Architectural Education Award
time: 2018-04-04

Recently ,the Chinese Academy of Architecture (CAA) announced results of the "2016 China Architecture Design Award · Architectural Education Award". Professor ZHAO Honghong, Prof. XIAO Yiqiang achieved the Award.

The Architectural Education Award is the highest honorary award bestowed on Chinese architectural educatorssince 2004. Those winners, a number of outstanding architectural educators have been widely recognized.The accreditation meeting was held in Beijing on January 22, 2018. 28 professors from 20 architecture colleges in 15 provinces and cities declared their applications.

So far, five professors from our school,Prof. WU Qingzhou, Prof. WU Shuoxian, Prof. SUN Yimin, as well as Prof. ZHAO Honghong, and Prof. XIAO Yiqiang won the Architectural Education Award. Prof. LU Yuanding and Prof. LIU Guanping have achieved the special prize of Architectural Education of China Architecture society.These honors have affirmed the great contributions made by our school in the field of architectural education, inspired our faculty members to continue the glory tradition.


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