Glad News | Three Architects from SCUT are entitled as Masters of Engineering Survey and Design in Guangdong Province
time: 2018-03-20


Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong Province released the first list of Masters of Engineering Survey and Design. Three architects from SCUT, The Yangtze River Scholar, National Distinguished Teacher, Dean Prof.Sun Yimin, Deputy Chief Engineer of Architectural Design and Research Institute, Mr.Wei Hong, Deputy Chief Architect, Mr.Tang Zhaohuiare on the list.


The main work of this determination is to cultivate outstanding designers team in Guangdong Province, to establish outstanding design talents and to improve the level of architectural design in Guangdong Province continuously. The main purpose of this work is to establish an incentive mechanism for outstanding design talents. The first entitled listhas 19 experts from architecture, structure, civil engineering, equipment and survey profession, including 8 people from our school and alumni. Among them, architects Ma Zhencong, Tang Zhaohui, Sun Yimin, Sun lijun, Huangjie, 5/6 to the total architectural profession, and engineers Wei Hong, Chen Xing, Luo Chiyu, 3/5 to the structural profession, show great contributions and influences from the SCUT.


List of the First Batch of Masters of Engineering Survey and Design in Guangdong Province