SCUT graduate Jin Yuan won the Archiprix World’s Best Graduation Projects
time: 2017-03-03

Jin Yuan's design Through Thick and Thin is one of the eight winners of the Archiprix International 2017

Archiprix International is the most prestigious global biennial competition in architecture, which is currently regarded as the standard of architectural education and the pioneer sign of design. Graduate from the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology, post graduate from Rice University, Jin Yuan, was selected as one of the eight winners. He is also the only winner from all who studied the United States.

His project, named Through Thick and Thin, won the Hunter Douglas Award. I am very obsessed with the architectural plane. My graduation work is the plane, an extreme 'thick' plane, and an extreme 'thin' plane. In addition, the inspiration comes from the film. The viewing angle and cut frame transformation of the film are the absolute sense of space art, and the pursuit of many architects. Jin Yuan said. He now works at Carlos Arnaiz Architects (CAZA), a Brooklyn-based design studio in New York.

After graduated from SCUT a few years ago, he was admitted to Rice University, where he passed the oral defense of his graduation design,Through Thick and Thin, in last January. Then in last May, he received William D. Darden Award from Rice University because of his outstanding work on the graduation design, along with an entry form of competing for Archiprix. After having an advanced study at Rice University, he believes his winning also benefited much from SCUT, where he laid a solid professional foundation on architecture.

“My alma mater built various platforms for us to communicate with the world and to broaden our international vision. For me and many of my classmates, it has provided lasting sources of innovation to support our further study and work.”    


Archiprix International invites all schools worldwide to hand in only one best final project, biennially. The Archiprix International 2017, organized by School of Architecture, CEPT University from India, selected eight as winning entries from the received 385 works.