FENG, Jiang
time: 2015-07-27

Name:FENG, Jiang

Associate Director, Architecture department, South China University of Technology
Academician, Academy of Oriental Archi-culture , Research Center of Architecture History and Culture.
Registered Planner, Architecture Design and Research Institute, SCUT
Researcher, State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science

for master students,
Contemporary Western Architectural Theory.
for undergraduate students,
World Architectural History;
Architecture Design Studio;
Survey of Historic Buildings.


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Paper for Symposiums
1. FENG Jiang. Regularity of Irregular Pearl River Delta. Bergen, Norway, Aug.2008
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International Workshop Experience
2. DADUN Village,SCUT-UC Berkeley Workshop,2008
3. OPEN FORM WORKSHOP, SCUT-BAS, Bergen and UtsiraNorway,2007
4. XIAOZHOU Village, SCUT-UNIFE-GAFA Workshop,2005

FAX: 020-87114884(Fax)
EMAIL: jfeng@scut.edu.cn