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Mass Sports Teaching

Characteristics of Mass Sports Teaching:
  1. In terms of reform of education and teaching, SPE make the utmost of school available sports resources according to Lingnan characteristics. Importance is attached to Physical Education Curriculum Resource Development, and modern sports, which have not been offered in many universities due to condition restriction, such as Golf, Canoe & Kayak, Fishing, Climbing, Cross-country Orienteering and Radio Direction Finding have been added in the curriculum. In response to the principles of curriculum reform required by Ministry of Education, students’ choices are highly respected. Meanwhile, swimming and physical exercises are added in the compulsory curriculum to cultivate lifetime sports consciousness and health value. It is thus produced the SCUT distinctive PE curriculum in the form of “compulsory + elective”.
  2. Carry forward the Olympic Spirits, maintain the Competitive Sports Edge, strive to search a combination of education with sport athletes training mode.
  Olympic Spirit, that is, “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, is fully displayed by the match between SCUT men’s volleyball team and China women’s national volleyball team, which vigorously stimulates student athletes to work tenaciously and keep going.
  In recent years’ competition, SCUT has hundreds of athletes attending all kinds of games, including Guangdong Universiade, National Universiade, World Unniversiade, National Games, World Championship and Olympic Games. SCUT has achieved gratifying results and made a great contribution to our national sports activity.