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Sports Training Science

  Sports Training Science is the first undergraduate major set up by SPE. It serves to fill the gap of physical education.

Course Aims:
  This course concentrates on students’ sports skills, coaching development as well as sports science and professional management knowledge. Students are expected to be capable of sports training, competitions organizing, and qualified to be referees, sports managers, or PE teachers of elementary and secondary school.

Course Characteristic:
  According to its own characteristics, SPE strives to highlight the specialist courses and reinforce the minor courses. Focusing on the training theory and practice of “three ball sports” (ping-pang, badminton and tennis) and other highly appreciated sports, SPE encourages students from other departments and schools to take the elective courses that aim at fostering comprehensive quality and social competitiveness of students.

Degree: Bachelor of Education

Duration (Year): 4

  Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Biochemistry, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Education Science, Sports Training, Sports Management, Specialist Courses Teaching Theories and Methodology, Secondary Courses Teaching Theories and Methodology.