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Research Achievements

  Since the establishment of School of Physical Education, teaching and scientific researches have been attached great importance by school leaders. A professor with PhD is invited to be the deputy dean in charge of scientific research; great efforts have been devoted to research application, academic lecture organization, and academic atmosphere creation. Great scientific achievements have been gained; title evaluating standard and scientific research awarding policy have been lain down to strengthen academic morality and enhance responsibility awareness of the whole faculty; diversified opinions are encouraged, professors are required to govern higher learning and academic corruption is to be prevented. In the past three years, the number of projects approved, as well as research fund, is of rising trend: 8 projects were approved (research fund: 50,000 yuan) in 2007; 14 projects were approved (research fund: 158,000 yuan) in 2008; 20 projects were approved (research fund: 360,000 yuan) in 2009. Likewise, the quality and quantity of published scientific papers have been improving: 7 papers (4 on the core journals) were published in 2007; 18 papers (9 on the core journals) were published in 2008; 17 papers (10 on the core journals) were published in 2009. Apart from the above, 3 text books have been published, Strategy for Operating and Management of Sports Events in China, monograph of GAO Xiaobo, was awarded third prize of Guangdong Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in 2007.