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Graduate Programs



Pulp and Paper Engineering


Faculty: School of Light Industry and Food Science

Degree: MS

Specialty: Pulp and Paper Engineering

Minimum Total Credits: 25.0

Minimum Compulsory Course Credits: 15.0

Minimum Optional Course Credits: 10.0




The program aims to cultivate excellent specialists who should be a good student with good character and fine scholarship as well as a rigorous style of study; who should have a basic theory, specialized knowledge and experiment skills of the discipline; who should be well-informed with the developing trend of Pulp and Paper Engineering both at home and abroad; and who are expected to hold strong ability to engage in scientific researches, design and teaching.


Years of Study

Three years


Major Research Fields

1. Papermaking Technology and Specialty Paper

2. Pulping Technology and Environmental Protection

3. Computer Simulation and Control of Pulp and Papermaking Process

4.Machinery and Equipment of Pulp and Papermaking

5. Wet End Chemistry and Process Control of Papermaking

6. Chemical Plant Resources and Biomass Application

7. Printing and Packaging Materials and Printing Photo Processing


Cultivation Mode

Advisory system is applied in the program. Students are required to draw up a working plan under the instruction of supervisors in the first two weeks after registration and bound to participate in the stage assessment in the third semester according to Master Degree Candidate Medium-Term Screening Method of South China University of Technology and complete social practices before the end of the third semester. Regular seminar reports are required.



Students should draw up a working plan for the theses between the 11th and the 20th weeks in the third semester. Literature Review and Thesis Proposals have to be finished before the end of the third semester. More than 50 pieces of document have to be covered in the literature review. Before applying for the thesis defense, students are required to have published at least two research papers (one of them should be published in core academic journals while the other can be a periodical paper or recruited paper in both national and international academic conferences with South China University of Technology signed as the first unit, the student signed as the first author or the supervisor signed as the first author whereas the student the second. On the completion of theses, thesis defense will be arranged according to Rules for the Implementation of Graduation Degrees of South China University of Technology and Regulations of the Applications for Thesis Defense of South China University of Technology. Apart from the above related regulations of degree thesis made by SCUT, the thesis is supposed to meet the school requirements in terms of its academic nature, systematicness, innovativeness and the art of writing.