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Student Activities


School of Light Industry and Engineering serves the development of students as a major goal. The school attaches great importance to educate students with innovative, cultural and practical manners by reasonably arranging the campus cultural activities, which focus on the integration of humanities, science and technology, and art. Combined with professional features, it perfects the university’s campus culture system and improves campus cultural construction, emphasizing on intellects and specialty. The school is working to further promote its ability to organize and educate students by launching the featured activity of “waste battery recycling - everybody is making efforts for the environmental protection” and encouraging the students to actively participate in scientific researches. Due to the school’s efforts, it won many honorary titles including "Excellent Communist Youth League Committee", "Red Flag Branch", "Excellent General Youth League Branch" and "Outstanding Graduate Student Union", "First Place of the University Track and Field Sports Games B Group", and "Excellent Mass Sports Organizing Group".