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Message from the Dean  

Dear friends:

School of Law, South China University of Technology (SCUT), formerly known as Department of Humanity and Social Science, was established in July 16th, 2004. SCUT always has great inheritance in law culture. The north campus of SCUT was Sun Yat-Sen University over half a century ago, which contributed a lot to the rule of law construction and legal education in China. At that time, Sun Yat-sen University was situated on Wushan of Guangzhou with beautiful hills and lakes scenery. The Faculties of Arts and The Faculties of Law was located at the top of two opposite hills respectively, which intent that this high-level university was famous with both Arts and Science characteristics. On the basis of nationwide readjustment of the colleges, schools and departments in 1952, the Faculties of Arts transferred to Lingnan University which was changed into Sun Yat-sen University lately, the Faculties of Law was merged with Wuhan University Law School, and the Faculties of Technology was kept in the Wushan which is developed into South China Institute of Technology through the combination by the technical faculties of 12 different universities in 5 provinces of Mid-South China. Today when we climb up to the scenic spot, One-hundred-steps Stairs, we can get the sight of the antique law school building of Sun Yat-Sen University (now is SCUT Complex no.12). When the 21st century comes, School of Law of Wu Han University has become an important base of China’s contemporary legal education and research and School of Law of Sun Yat-Sen University has taken a dominant position in South China. At present, SCUT establishes its newly law school and begins its rapid development on this honored land.

Now the brand new School of Law of SCUT is located in Xiaoguwei Island as Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre which is a comprehensive place for education, scientific research and tourism. The beautiful Pearl River runs along this island. Today this young law school embodies its dynamic and promising faculty: all the professors are no more than 40 years old by average and all of them own over-master degree. More than half of them are young and middle-aged teachers with doctor ‘s degree from home and aboard. Now law school owns the separated teaching building and three moot courts. Now Law school has its own independent professional databases with around 20,000 books, dozens of academic periodicals. It also has a “Lawyer Family” lounge, which is a public place for the faculties and students communicating with each other. Another “Coffee House” lounge collects hundreds of updated published books, serves coffee and tea for the students. Law school possesses of good scientific research environment and every professor including lecturer owns an independent office. Others include the Law Library, the Law Museum, the Legal Clinic & Professional Training Room, the Case Study Room and the School Leisure Courtyard.

We sincerely welcome all friends to visit our school and join us.