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The school is active in internationalization. It has established academic exchange relations with scores of foreign research institutions, as well as famous law schools around the world. It embodies multiform collaboration with overseas universities, such as Illinois University Law School, New York University Law School, Belgium New Leuven University Law School, Science & Technology Law Institute of Gaoxiong First Science &Technology University (Taiwan), etc., which embrace Academic Exchange and Academic Information Exchange, Exchange of Faculty Members, Exchange of Students and Study Programs, Training and Visiting of Faculty Members and Staffs.

►Nominate undergraduates & graduates to study abroad each year.

►Select the talented teachers and undergraduates for the teacher & student’s exchange with Belgium New Leuven University Law School each year.

►Organize teacher & student’s academic visit with Illinois University Law School each year.

►Nominate the JM to attend the short-term academic communication with Gaoxiong First Science &Technology University (Taiwan).

►Nominate teachers to go abroad, esp. well- known law schools in America, Germany, Belgium, etc. periodically for the short-term academic communication & survey.