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SCUT Law School was established on July 16, 2004 from the predecessor Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, where undergraduate program majoring in law was re-opened in 1993. SCUT Law School shared the combined operations in the same office building with SCUT Intellectual Property Institute, the latter co-built in November 2004 by SCUT, Guangdong Provincial IP Bureau and Guangzhou Municipal IP Bureau. Both the Law School and the IP Institute are currently executed in one systematic administration with the Science of Law and the Study of Intellectual Property as the two main disciplines. Now the brand new Law School is located on the South Campus of SCUT on the island of Xiao Gu Wei, surrounded by Pearl River and named as Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre—a trinity of education, scientific research and tourism. According to the University Rankings by China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center, the School is ranked in the top 29 of China Law Schools in all the major China league tables in 2012.

Now SCUT Law School/IP Institute has developed into a team of expertise in law study with the number of 47 professional teachers, among whom there are 13 professors (10 doctorate supervisors inclusively), 18 associate professors, 16 lecturers.

SCUT Law School has been motivated by initiative and has embraced great progress and success since its foundation. The Law School has ascended into one of 8 national pilot units of Master Degree in IP education after it was authorized to confer master's degrees in jurisprudence discipline, qualified as pilot unit in 2007 for JM education. The Law School was authorized to confer doctor's degrees in jurisprudence discipline in 2011 and selected into the first batch of educational training bases for excellent legal talents in 2012, being one of national 60 educational training bases for application and compound type legal talents.

SCUT Law School/IP Institute is full of innovation since its foundation with emphasis on both the combination between scientific research and local legal construction and the combination between knowledge innovation and property protection. The Law School has striven to achieve academic innovation and breakthrough to enhance the strength and standard of scientific research. Supported by SCUT Local Legal Research Center and State IP Training Base, the Law School has taken the initial to launch researches in China on local legal system theoretically and shouldered various key projects of philosophy and social science from Ministry of Education, National Social and Science Fund and Provincial Research Program. In the field of academic research, the Law School has been characterized by its priorities in legal construction, law study, judicial thinking and intellectual property strategy. Accordingly, the Law School has created nation-wide influence in the study of law. In 2013, Guangdong Local Legislation Assessment and Consulting Service Base was co-established by the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress and five universities in Guangdong, SCUT is a leading member of the Union Legislation.

SCUT Law School/IP Institute has equally been cultivated in the spirit of practice. The School has made lawyers with professionalism out of potential students who have endowed with practical competence and academic attitude. To enhance the comprehensive quality of the law students, the School has completed an independent library of law, housing a collection of over eighty thousand academic books, hundreds of academic journals in Chinese and foreign languages and two sets of complete academic corpus. Such facilities of teaching and research aid are daily open as legal clinic, professional skills room, case presentation room, 3 moot courts and legal museum. A model of co-operating practical teaching and co-creating educational courses of legal clinic has been fully developed between the Center for Practical Teaching, supported by SCUT Law School and a variety of well-famed law firms in Guangdong Province, centers for patent-related business, governmental departments, judicial institutions. Practical teaching activities and academic lectures on law study are scheduled to take place regularly.

Challenged by national and world-wide pioneered education in the study of law, SCUT Law School has beamed with the spirit of openness as best revealed in the international exchange and cooperation to move the School towards internationalized construction. Currently the School has established cooperative relationship of different approaches with overseas universities, such as Illinois University Law School, New York University Law School, Belgium New Leuven University Law School, Institute of Law in S&T in National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, National University of Law-Delhi in India, National University of Law-Jodhpur in India and Malaya University Law School. A benign interaction mechanism has been formed of regular visits between faculty and exchange programs between students.

SCUT Law School has proved to be a youthful and vigorous place, a cradle where faculty of the School, given the opportunity of historical reform in Higher Education in China and Legal Education, it will be nurtured into lawyers of remarkable performance.(Updated in June,2013)