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Academy research is not only the fundamental support and guarantee of the innovation of the teaching content and the improvement of the education quality, but also the significant symbol to display the capability and school running level. Since the establishment of the School of Law, we have been dedicating ourselves to improving its academy research level by encouraging our teachers to innovate in the academic and teaching research.

Firstly, we actively join various academic research organizations. School of Law has been encouraging our teachers to participate in different kinds of local and national research groups and then become the key persons of those groups. At present, most of our teachers have been appointed important positions in the academic research groups. For example, Professor Ge Hongyi is the Vice-President of Jurisprudence Association of China Law Society as well as the President of Jurisprudence Association of Guangdong Law Society;Professor Xu Song Ling is the director of the Criminal Law Association of China Law Society, President of Guangdong Prosecution Society and Vice-president of Guangdong Juvenile Delinquency Research Center;Professor Chen Nianbing is the Vice-president of the Civil and Commercial Law Association of Guangdong Law Society;Professor Peng Shizhong is the Vice-president of Procedure Law Association of Guangdong Law Society.

Secondly, we explore great importance to academic communication. Every year, School of Law invites dozens of jurists, from domestic and abroad, to hold academic lectures and symposiums----from 2004 to 2007, we held about one hundred academic lectures. Moreover, School of Law also encourages teachers to participate in the domestic and international academic activities----in 2007 there were more than ten teachers following the call.

Thirdly, we hold high-level academic conferences. We had organized several important and influential academic symposiums, such as the First National Top Forum of Taxation Law, Workshop for the International Legal Clinical Education and Advocacy Skills, the Fourth National Legal Methods and Legal Reasoning Academy Conference, etc.