The laboratory building has invested nearly 3,000 million for key construction projects, including scientific research platforms and key laboratories such as the HyperSim real-time digital simulation system, a real-time simulation of AC-DC Hybrid Transmission Laboratory, Astec Power Laboratory, wind-solar hybrid power generation innovation base, as well as South China's unique artificial climate lab used for the research of external insulation contamination flashover. Especially in the background of "energy-saving emission reduction", the new energy research center was establishment and the Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of green energy technologies was built in 2008.

School of Electric Power of SCUT has an overwhelming competitive advantage in Basic theoretical research and scientific innovation in South China region. Over the past decade, School of Electric Power actively tracked the latest achievement in the same industry abroad. Combined with the actual situation of China Southern Power Grid, it has successfully developed a wide range of China's leading green energy products, including China's first brushless doubly-fed wind power generator sets, matrix transformations devices, new energy metering devices. A number of products reach the international advanced level and prices lower than similar imported products more than 30%. Economic benefits generated by products transfer accumulated more than 3 million.

The past three years, the School of Electric Power continuous commitment to a number of high-level project, such as the key project of National Natural Science Foundation, "973" National Key Basic Research Program subprojects, "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology support plan major projects sub-topics, Guangdong Province major science and technology specialization projects, Natural Science Foundation team projects of Guangdong Province, key breakthrough projects in areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong, as well as the China Southern Power Grid and other large enterprises scientific research topics. It is very successful in basic and applied research.

According to statistics, in 2008 and 2009 School of Electric Power of SCUT issued a total of 556 various types of academic thesis, including the three major indexes 164. In 2008 the new research projects funds are 20.37 million Yuan. In 2009, the contract funds amount to 44.27 million Yuan, increased by 1-fold compared with 2008, in which the vertical and horizontal issues funds rate close to 1:1. The number of projects and total research funding are among the best in 985 key universities in China’s school of electric power.

The publishment of a group of high level international journal articles and important monograph, particularly the funding for vertical to horizontal issues ratio has been sustained increased substantially, fully demonstrated the School of Electric Power of SCUT not only has excellent performance in the realization of scientific research and promotion, but also has very strong research strength in the electrical basic theoretical research methods and scientific innovation.

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