Graduate Professional Degrees

Cultivation Target:
Degree getter should master the basic theory and special knowledge of electrical engineering, be creative in research and engineering work, be able to solve the technical and management problems independently and can read and write professional documents in English.

Main Research Fields:
1. HVDC Transmission
2. Power System Reliability and Planning
3. Power System Analysis and calculation
4. Power System Operation and Control
5. Power Market
6. Protection and Automatic Device
7. Control and Simulation of Power Electronic Equipments
8. Detection, Protection and Control of the Electric Equipments
9. High Voltage and Insulation Technology
10. Power Quality

Program Duration:
The education duration for the master of engineering degree is 3 years to 5 year. The first 4 terms are course studies and the total time to study in the campus should be no less than 6 months. The length of dissertation work should be no less than 1.5 years (from dissertation topic selection to the defense application).

Education Manner:
Candidates for the professional master degree of electrical Engineering should keep on post and accept the degree education in weekend and free time. The college will provide the degree education plan for the candidates in 2 weeks after entrance. The dissertation topic selection and report should be finished before the end of the third term. The mid-term inspection of the dissertation work is arranged at half year past the topic selection report.

Credit Requirement:
The credit system is employed. The total credits student should acquired are no less than 34 points, among which the public compulsory courses are no less than 13 points, the specialized compulsory courses are no less 4 courses and 10 credit points. The optional courses should be no less than 3 courses and 11 credit points.

Candidates will have double tutors, one from the university and one from the enterprise. Requirement for the dissertation review and defense should be in accordance with the related regulations of the South China University of Technology.

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