PhD in Applied Economics

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The SEC offers a research-based graduate program that leads to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. This degree program is designed for students who wish to pursue pure research in their advanced education.

The objective of the PhD program is to provide a theoretical and research base to prepare graduates for educational and research positions in the economics industry. The program offers advanced research training based on individual interests and career aspirations to allow students to develop the ability to complete significant research in a specific area of applied economics. The intellectual and supportive environment fostered by the School encourages academic staff and students to collaborate to conduct research and disseminate information through scholarly publications and conference presentations. Graduates will make positive contributions to the growth and enhancement of economics education and research.

Main research areas:

Capital asset pricing

Derivative pricing

Portfolio management

Hedging strategies

Risk management

Fixed-income securities

Behavioral finance & Technical analysis

Stock market volatility

Econometric modeling in finance

Monetary theory and policy issues


Professor Qiusheng Tian

Professor Chunpeng Yang

Professor Hai SongAdjunct Professor and supervisorVice Governor of Guangdong Provincial Government

 Professor Yinning WeiAdjunct Professor and supervisorVice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission