SEC students in Grade 2017 share study experience on advanced mathematics

Posted by:黄小婷Release Date:2017-12-21Views:355

On Nov.25, SEC students of Grade 2017 took part in the study experience seminar on advanced mathematics which was one of the most difficult curriculums in college. Seminar was held in Room 203, middle wing of B10 building, university town campus.

In the seminar, the first successful learners proposed easily-confused knowledge points and told participants how to distinguish them and apply them into the test questions. They all emphasized the importance of daily hard work on exercise. The other groups explained the difficult points respectively on the four chapters of the curriculum and shared the final exams of the curriculum in recent years, guiding listeners to reflect on the question setters’ logic.

Participants spoke highly of the seminar, hoping to attend the next one since it helped them to overcome the fear of the most difficult curriculum. (Translated and Edited by HUANG Xiaoting)