Professor PANG Chun Analyzes How the Tax System Mode Reacts on Social Division of Labor in Caixin Weekly

Posted by:黄小婷Release Date:2017-06-20Views:550

Professor PANG Chun, from the School of Economics and Commerce, analyzed how the tax system mode reacts on social division of labor in Caixin Weekly, which is one of the influential financial magazines in China.


In the article, Prof. PANG pointed out that how the difference of tax system mode drives the impact of work breakdown structure. What was the influence on the actual price of products, the labor force allocation, trade size and per capita real income? The research relayed on two reference systems: one was vertical system on self-sufficient, and the other was horizontal on zero tax rate. On the basis of the reference systems, Prof. PANG discussed five potential taxable models compared the differences among the five models and got a series of academic results by equilibrium analysis. (Translated by HUANG Xiaoting)


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