SCUT working with government to speed up international campus project

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Following Guangdong governor Ma Xingrui's inspection tour at SCUT last  week, the university administration, closely working with authorities of the  province and the city, has now set up a timetable to accelerate the construction  of the Guangzhou International Campus, which is expected to start recruiting  students 16 months later.

The province's new elected governor Ma Xingrui, who chose SCUT as the first  university to inspect after taking office earlier this year, visited the campus  on May 15, when he instructed related offices of the provincial government to  offer full supports to push forward the plan of building the Guangzhou  International Campus as scheduled.

The inspection was accompanied by Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT  Committee, and Wang Yingjun, SCUT's President. After praising SCUT's significant  contribution to higher education and regional development, the governor gave his  expectations to see the university step up efforts to promote fundamental  research, scientific innovation, faculty establishment as well as talent  fostering, and thus to back the industrial upgrading of the province.

Then on May 18, a work meeting, presided by Jing Lihu, Director General of  the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, was held at the Guangzhou  municipal government to discuss implementing details of the new campus project,  along with Zhang Xichun and Guangzhou Deputy Mayor Wang Dong attending the  meeting.

According to the current schedule, SCUT's Guangzhou International Campus is  set to start recruiting graduate students from August 2018, and then to open its  first enrollment of undergraduate students in August 2019. The implementation of  the project is jointly undertaken by the municipal government and the  university.

Sources from the University News Center and the University Affairs  Office

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