Long Yu
time: 2015-07-20

Name:Long Yu

School of Food Science and Engineering
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Fax:       0086-20-39090000

Education Background
1990.09-1993.10 Ph. Degree (Materials Sci. Eng) Monash University, Australia

1978.2~1982.3 Bachelor Degree Polymer Materials, South China University of Technology, China;

Employment Summary
Professor (2014- present): School of Food Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology (SCUT), Guangzhou.

Director (2016-present): Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute. Knowledge City, Guangzhou, China

Principal Scientist (1996-2014): CSIRO, Materials Science and Engineering, Melbourne, Australia

Field of Research
Fundamental science and application technologies of natural polymer materials, such as starch, protein and cellulous etc, controlled release.

Current Research Projects

1.  Development of Starch-based Materials. (Guangdong Innovative & Entrepreneurial Research Team Program 2013C085

 2.  Study on the phase transition and rheology of starch with different amylose ratios during thermal extrusion. (The National Natural Science Fund 31571789)

3.  Study on the phase transition and mechanism of amphiphilic starch using one step reactive extrusion. (The National Natural Science Fund 2117404).

Publications* as corresponding author

Edited a book (Biodegradable Polymer Blends and Composites from Renewable Resources) published by John Wiley & Sons

Contributed 14 chapters to books

Published 135 refereed articles in journals (9 review papers; life citations are more than 5800, h-index 36)

Selected Publications

1*. Chengcheng Gao, Long Yu, Hongsheng Liu, Lin Chen“Development of self-reinforced polymer composites” Progress in Polymer Science, 2012, 37, 767-780IF27.184.

2*. Yanfei Wang, Hongsheng Liu, Fengwei, Xie, Long Yu, Liang Zhang, Lisa Liao, Ling ChenMorphology and properties of thermal/cooling-gel bi-phasic systems based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl starch”, Composite Part B, accepted 2016 IF3.85.

3*.Yanfei Wang, Liang Zhang, Hongsheng Liu, Long Yu, George Simon, Ling ChenRelationship between Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of HPMC/HPS blends”Carbohydrate Polymer, 2016, 153, 329-335IF4.219.

4*. Dongling Qiao, Hongsheng Liu, Long Yu, Xianyang Bao, George P Simon, Eustathios Petinakis, Ling Chen, “Preparation and characterization of slow-release fertilizer encapsulated by starch-based superabsorbent polymer”, Carbohydrate Polymer, 2016,147,164-154IF4.219

5*. Dongling Qio, Long Yu, Hongsheng Liu, Fengwei Xie, Wei Zou, George P Simon, Eustathios Petinakis, Zhiqi Shen, Ling Chen “ Insights into the hierarchical structure and digestion rate of alkali-modulated starches with different amylose contents”. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2016, 144, 271-281IF4.219.

6*. Chengcheng Gao,  Linghan Meng, Long Yu, George P Simon, Hongsheng Liu, Ling Chen, Steven Petinakis“Preparation and characterization of uniaxial poly (lactic acid) based self-reinforced composites” , Composite Science and Technology, 2015,117,392-397IF3.897.

7*. Liang Zhang, Yanfei Wang, Long Yu, Hongsheng Liu, George Simon, Lin Chen, Nuozi Zhang“Rheological and gel properties of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/hydroxypropyl starch blends”Colloid and Polymer Science, 2015, 293, 229-237IF1.890.

8*. Liang Zhang, Yanfei Wang, Hongsheng Liu, Long Yu, Xingxun Liu, Ling Chen, Nouzi Zhang, “Developing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/hydroxypropyl starch blends for use as capsule materials”, Carbohydrate Polymer, 2013, 98, 73-79IF4.219.

9*. Nuozi Zhang, Xingxun Liu, Long Yu, Robert Shanks, Eustathios Petinaks, Hongsheng Liu“Phase composition and interface of gelatin-starch blends studied by synchrotron FTIR micro-spectroscopy”, Carbohydrate Polymer, 2013, 95, 649-653IF4.219.

10*. Wei Zou, Xingxun Liu, Long Yu, Dongling Qiao, Hongsheng Liu, Ling Chen, Nuozi Zhang“Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable starch-polyacrylamide graft copolymers using starches with different microstructures”. J polymers and Environment, 2013, 21 (2), 359 - 365IF1.969.

11*. Xingxun Liu, Yanfei Wang, Long Yu, Zhen Tong, Ling Chen, Hongshen Liu, Xiaoxi Li“Thermal degradation and stability of starch under different processing conditions”, Starch, 2013, 65, 48-60IF1.523.

12*. Nuozi Zhang, Hongsheng Liu, Long Yu, Xingxun Liu, Liang Zhang, Ling Chen, Robert Shanks“Developing gelatin–starch blends for use as capsule materials”Carbohydrate Polymer, 2013, 92, 455-461IF4.219.

13*. Wei Zou, Long Yu, Xingxun Liu, Dongling Qiao, Xaoqing Zhang, Ling Chen, Ruozi Zhang“Effect of amylose/amylopectin ratio on starch-based superabsorbent polymer”Carbohydrate Polymers, 2012, 87(2):1583-1588IF4.219.

14*. Ming Li, Peng Liu, Wei Zou, Fengwei Xie, Long Yu, Huaying Pu, Hongshen Liu, Ling Chen“Extrusion processing and characterization of edible starch with different amylose content” J Food Eng., 2011, 106, 95-101IF3.199.

15*. Pei Chen, Long Yu, George Simon, Xingxun Liu, Katherine Dean, Ling Chen“Internal structure and phase transitions of starch granules during gelatinization”Carbohydrate Polymer, 2011, 83,1975-1983IF4.219.

Professional Activities

1ASTM Committee Member since 2006 (drafting and modifying ISO 14855 Composting Biodegradation)

2Appointed on Editorial Board of 6 journals (Int J Food Research; J. Food Eng.; Int J Polymer Sciecne; Chinese Journal of Polymer Science; Acta Polymerica Sinica)

3Selected Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute since 2002

4Organisation Committee Member of 4 international conferences and Program Chair for 11 international conferences

5Reviewer (about 25 papers each year) for various journals (e.g. Biomaterials, Polymer, Biomolecular, J. Polym. Sci., Carbohydrate Polym., J. Cereal Science)

Courses Offered
1.  “Starch-based materials” for postgraduate students majoring in Food Science as well as Sugar Engineering.