The School held a summary report of Year 2020
Time:2021-01-07        Views:13

In the afternoon of January 7th, 2020, the School held the annual work report in B4-215. All the staffs of the college attended the meeting.

On behalf of the school, Dean Ye, Daiqi first made a summary report on the work of the School in 2020, comprehensively reporting the five aspects of the School in 2020, including ideology and politics, leadership, epidemic prevention and control, the completion of annual goals and tasks, the overall development status, existing problems and countermeasures. He also introduced the main measures and achievements of the School in 2020, and analyzed the key problems encountered in the development of the School and the solutions.

Chen Hangyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, then made a report on the work of the Party Committee in 2020 on behalf of the Party Committee of the School. He stressed that the Party committee of the School should conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility of party building, attach importance to theoretical study, firm ideals and beliefs, strengthen responsibility, constantly consolidate the achievements of theme education, continuously strengthen organizational construction, systematically complete the reorganization of the branch, and carry out the work of teaching congress, trade union and poverty alleviation in an orderly manner. He also put forward the ideas of rectification to the problems and difficulties existing in the party construction work.

Zhu, Nengwu, deputy dean of the School, Wu, Yaohua, deputy secretary of the party committee of the School, and Qin, Yexia, full-time deputy director of the national engineering laboratory, then made personal year-end report on their respective work in turn. Later, Secretary Chen, Hangyu emphasized the important work related to the construction of teachers' ethics, laboratory safety, and campus management in winter vacation, and hoped that all teachers would pay attention to those issues.

After the meeting, all the staffs have carried on the assessment and evaluation to the administrative personnel of the school.