Outside experts come into the classroom -- Yi Zhirui, marketing manager of Information Technology Co., Ltd. gave lecture on the frontier knowledge of geographic information system application
Time:2021-03-15        Views:13

At 19:00 on March 11, 2021, according to the computer data and graphics application teaching plan, Song, Jiajia and Gao, Qun, Marketing Manager of Yizhirui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, and Dang, Huamin, Technical Engineer of Yizhirui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, were invited to give lectures on the development of GIS technology, online remote sensing processing, cloud GIS and other frontier geographic information applications to the students majoring in environmental engineering and Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering of Grade 18 at A2-107, University Town, South China University of Technology.

Engineer Dang, Huamin first vividly introduced the development process and the latest progress of GIS technology, and closely combined geographical knowledge and geographical thinking with industrial application, so that students could recognize the brand-new concept of geographical value, and pay attention to the harmony and unity of GIS technology and environment, and then introduced the strong GIS analysis ability of ArcGIS, which is based on the visual modeling framework (ModelBuilder) and a variety of analysis and processing Tools (Tools). Through flexible and free combination, without any code, ArcGIS can more conveniently realize the environment-related water quality (air) special automatic mapping and other professional analysis business. Finally, he introduced the application of remote sensing information, big data, unmanned aerial vehicles and a series of tools, including the COVID-19 epidemic distribution based on ArcGIS API, the determination and reproduction of Mount Qomolangma elevation and water environment inversion, etc., and encouraged students to actively learn GIS knowledge and participate in the competition, so as to train and grow themselves in practice.

The interaction in class was active. The students had a good communication with the manager and engineer and have developed a preliminary understanding of the application of GIS, remote sensing and other geographical information. The visit of the technical staffs of Yizhirui Information Technology Co., Ltd. to our school provided a close communication for students to understand the geographical value, promoted the common development of production, education and research, and promoted the academic exchange of our school. At the same time, it also enabled students to better understand and realize spatial information technology and methods, and its positive role in society, economy, life and other aspects.