Notice on the training of psychological working skills of the tutor and head teacher
Time:2021-01-04        Views:13

Dear tutors and class teachers,

In order to better popularize the psychological knowledge and improve the psychological working skills, Sunflower Heart Education Workstation invited Liu Yanjun, a teacher from the school's mental health education and counseling center, to carry out training and discussion.

Teachers from all colleges are welcome to attend!

Topic: recognition and response of mental states

Reporter: Liu Yanjun

Date: January 6, 2021, 9:30am

Venue: Room 203, Building B4, Environment Building, University Town Campus, South China University of Technology

Brief introduction of speaker:

Liu Yanjun, Master of Psychology in South China Normal University, teacher of Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, National Psychological Counselor Level 2, Global Career Planning (GCDF). She has been engaged in psychological counseling and mental health education for a long time and has received psychological supervision from therapists in Tavistock Center in the UK. She is dedicated to the exploration of college students' employment psychology, psychological analysis and the sinicization of treatment. She is also specialized in counseling in the fields of employment psychology, self-growth, interpersonal relationship and emotion.