Ceramic proton conductors for natural gas, hydrogen and ammonia
Time:2020-11-25        Views:383

Title:Ceramic proton conductors for natural gas, hydrogen and ammonia

Speaker:Professor Truls Norby, University of Oslo

Time:2020.11.28(Saturday)  15:00-16:00 p.m.

Venue:Conference Room 102, Building B5, University Town Campus, South China University of Technology 

Welcome faculites and students to attend! 


Truls Norby is a professor of Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo in Norway. He is also the president of the International Society of Solid State Ionics (2019-2021), member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Technology, and member of the Agder Academy of Science and Letters, editor of Solid State Ionics (Elsevier), chief scientist of the Inorganic and Material Chemistry of the Norwegian Chemical Society, and member of the advisory board of international conferences such as the Solid State Ionics and Solid State Protonic.

Professor Norby is a leading scholar of solid ion conductors, especially solid proton conductors. His main research interests are defect chemistry in solid materials, application of solid oxide proton conductor in fuel cell, electrolytic hydrogen production cell, electrochemical reactor, sensor and other electrochemical devices, electrode interface and solid surface chemical analysis, etc. In addition, his current research also includes the photoelectrochemistry and thermoelectric materials. He has published more than 220 academic papers in journals of Science, Nature Materials, Nature Energy, etc. He also founded NorECs and Protia AS companies, which is committed to the practical research and development of proton conductive materials.