Changjian Zhou
time: 2017-05-08

Name: Changjian Zhou

Introduction:Changjian Zhou obtained his BSc from XiDian University, P. R. China in 2007, and PHD from Tsinghua University, P. R. China in 2012, respectively. He received his post-doctoral training at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is now an Associate Professor of South China University of Technology. His research interests span across electron devices integrating functional materials and low-dimensional materials, piezoelectronics, micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems, and nanocarbon interconnects. He has served as a reviewer for many prestigious journals including Advanced Materials, IEEE Electron Device Letters, and Nanoscale.



Address:  Room 534A, 30th Building,

School of Electronic and Information Engineering,
 South China University of Technology (SCUT),
 Guangzhou, China, 510640.

Education Experience

2007.09-2012.07PH. D. in Electronic Science and Technology,Tsinghua University

2003.09-2007.07B. S. in Microelectronics (1st Honor), Xidian University

Research Interest

Radio-frequency Micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems (M/NEMS)

nIntegration of RF front-end Integrated circuits with acoustic resonators;

nSAW devices with high acoustic velocity and coupling coefficients based on diamond coated multilayered substrate;

nTemperature stable high frequency SAW resonators up to 2 GHz;

nFlexible high-frequency lamb wave devices and FBAR.


nVertical-aligned carbon nanotubes for on-chip interconnects (Joint research with Santa Clara University);

nWafer-scale graphene growth by MPECVD;

nUltra-high k dielectric gated Low-dimensional transistors;

nCarrier control and doping in Low-dimensional nanomaterials and devices.


nDNA detection based on acoustic wave resonators (Joint research with Cambridge University, Manchester University and Bolton University under the Royal society international cooperation foundation);

nPressure sensor for tire pressure monitoring system (863 Program“Tire pressure monitoring and anti-collision detection microsensors and system”);

nFlexible organic transistors and bio-sensors; (Research project with The University of Tokyo).

Recent Projects:(1) Carbon based interconnects: from vertical vias, lateral lines to low-k dielectrics; (2) Graphene doping and contact engineering; (3) High-frequency acoustic wave resonators for wireless communications and microsensors.

Achievement:He has published more than 60 papers in peer reviewed journals including Advanced Functional materials, Nanoscale, Applied Physics letters, etc., and international conferences. One paper on flexible devices is selected as “IOP select” paper and “Highlights of 2015”. He has awarded Chenming Hu Scholarship during his PHD study and Epson Young Researcher for attending the ICFPE conference.


1.Book chapter: Zhou Changjian, Tian Xiangguang, and Ren Tianling. High-performance acoustic devices for wireless communication and Sensor applications, inVolume 2 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Springer. (In preparation)

Journal Papers:

1.Changjian Zhou, et al. Synthesis and interface characterization of CNTs on graphene. Nanotechnology, 28, 5 054007, 2017.

2.Changjian Zhou, et al. Ferroelectric-Gated Two-Dimensional-Material-Based Electron Devices. Advanced Electronic Materials, 1600400, 2017.

3.Changjian Zhou, et al. Carrier Type Control of WSe2 Field- Effect Transistors by Thickness Modulation and MoO3 Layer Doping. Advanced Functional Materials, 26, 23, 4223-4230, 2016.

4.Changjian Zhou, et al. Low voltage and high on/off ratio field-effect transistors based on CVD MoS2 and ultra high-k PZT gate dielectric. Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 8695-8700, 2015.

5.Changjian Zhou, et al. Flexible structured high-frequency film bulk acoustic resonators for flexible wireless electronics.Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 25, 055003-1-055003-8, 2015. (IOP Select and Highlights of 2015).

6.Changjian Zhou, et al.Resistance determination for sub-100 nm carbon nanotube vias. IEEE Electron Device Letters, 36, 1, 71-73, 2015.

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14.(Invited talk) Changjian Zhou, et al. Electrical characterization of carbon nanotube vias for sub-100nm technology nodes. IEEE Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits, Chengdu, Jun. 18-20, 2014.

15.Changjian Zhou, et al. Integration of Diamond-like carbon and AIN for acoustic wave devices. IEEE Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits, Hong Kong, Jun 3-5, 2013.


1. A kind of interconnect structure integrating carbon nanotube and graphene and the method for fabricating the structure, China Patent 201710036094.1.