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Principle Investigator

Yan Chen  (陈燕)


Research Experience:

2016-present    South China University of Technology, Professor /Deputy Dean of School of Environment and Energy 

2014-2016  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Fellow (Advisor: Prof. Bilge Yildiz and Prof. Jing Kong)


2014  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Advisor: Prof.   Bilge Yildiz)

2009  Peking University  M.S. in Nuclear Technology and Applications

2006  Peking University  B.S. in Physics and statistics (double major)

Scholarships and Awards:

 “Young Scientist Award”, The International Society for Solid State Ionics (ISSI)2019

Schlumberger “Faculty for the Future fellowship”, Schlumberger Foundation, 2014, 2015

MIT “Manson Benedict Fellowship”, 2009

Invited conference talks:

1.        International Workshop on Atomic Force Microscopy for Advanced Functional Materials, Guangzhou, Dec. 2019 (keynote speaker)

2.        4th International Conference on Surfaces, Coating & Nanostructured Materials, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, Nov. 2019 (keynote speaker)

3.        The 17th International Nanotech Symposium & Exhibition in Korean (NANO KOREA 2019), Symposium TS09. Nanotechnology for Energy & Environment, KINTEX, Korea, July 2019

4.        The 22nd International Conference on Solid State Ionics (SSI-22), Session: All Fundamental Aspects of Solid State Ionics, PyeongChang, Korea, June 2019

5.        The 25th international conference on the application of accelerators in research and industry (CAARI), Session ISM 06: Defect Engineering in Ion Modified Material, Grapenine, Texas, USA, Aug. 2018

6.        The 16th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics, Session B: Advances in Solid State Ionics, Shanghai, China, Aug. 2018

7.        The European Materials Research Society 2018 Spring Meeting Symposium R: Solid state ionics: advanced functional materials for solid state devices, Strasbourg, France, June 2018

8.        The 11st International Workshop on Materials Behavior at the Micro- and Nano-Scale, Xi’an, China, June 2018

9.        International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials, Symposium D:Advanced Ceramic Materials, Haikou, China, Oct 2014

10.      1st Rising Stars in Nuclear Science and Engineering Symposium, Cambridge, USA, Mar 2013 


Common Member of Electron beam ion beam Committee of China Electrotechnical Association(中国电工技术学会电子束离子束专业委员会 常务委员)

Member of The Chinese Society for Solid State Ionics (中国硅酸盐学会固态离子学分会 理事)