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24.Yan Chen, Shuchi Ojha, Nikolai Tsvetkov, Dong Hun Kim, Bilge Yildiz* and C. A. Ross*, Spinel/perovskite cobaltite nanocomposites synthesized by combinatorial pulsed laser deposition, CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 7745

23.Qiyang Lu, Yan Chen, Hendrik Bluhm, and Bilge YildizElectronic Structure Evolution of SrCoOx during Electrochemically Driven Phase Transition Probed by in Situ Xray Spectroscopy, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (2016)24148

22.Yan Chen, Helena Téllez , Monica Burriel, Fan Yang, Nikolai Tsvetkov, Zhuhua Cai, David W. McComb, John A Kilner, Bilge Yildiz*, Segregated chemistry and structure on (001) and (100) surfaces of (La1-xSrx)2CoO4 override the crystal anisotropy in oxygen exchange kinetics”, Chemistry of Materials 2 (2015) 5436

21.Nikolay Tsvetkov, Qiyang Lu, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz*, Accelerated oxygen exchange kinetics on Nd2NiO4+δ thin films with tensile strain along c-axis, ACS Nano, 9 (2015) 1613–1621

20.Edvinas Navickas, Tobias M. Huber, Yan Chen, Walid Hetaba, Gerald Holzlechner, Ghislain Rupp, Johannes Bernardi, Gernot Friedbacher, Herbert Hutter, Bilge Yildiz*, Jürgen Fleig*, Fast oxygen exchange and diffusion kinetics of grain boundaries in La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-δ and (La0.8Sr0.2 )0.95MnO3 thin films, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,17 (2015) 7659-7669 (Journal cover paper)

19.Wen Ma, Jae Jin Kim, Nikolai Tsvetkov,Takeshi Daio, Yener Kuru, Zhuhua Cai, Yan Chen, Kazunari Sasaki, Harry L. Tuller, Bilge Yildiz*, Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite La0.8Sr0.2CoO4 /(La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 Cathodes - Electronic Structure, Surface Chemistry and Oxygen Reduction Kinetics”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) 207

18.Nikolai Tsvetkov, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz*, Reducibility of Co at the La0.8Sr0.2CoO4/(La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 hetero-interface at elevated temperatures, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (2014) 14690-14695

17.Jessica Swallow, William Woodford,Yan Chen, Qiyang Lu, Jae jin Kim, Di Chen, Yet-Ming Chiang, W. Craig Carter, Bilge Yildiz, Harry L. Tuller, and Krystyn J. Van Vliet*, Chemomechanics of ionically conductive ceramics for electrical energy conversion and storage,Journal of Electroceramics (2014) 1-25

16.Wonyoung Lee, Jeong Woo Han, Yan Chen, Zhuhua Cai, Bilge Yildiz*, Cation Size Mismatch and Charge Interactions Drive Dopant Segregation on the Surfaces of Manganite Perovskites, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (2013) 7909

15.Yan Chen, Zhuhua Cai, Yener Kuru, Wen Ma, Harry L Tuller, Bilge Yildiz*, Electronic activation of cathode superlattices at elevated temperatures - source of markedly accelerated oxygen reduction kinetics, Advanced Energy Materials 3 (2013) 1221 (Journal cover paper, highlight at MIT news)

14.Yan Chen, Zhuhua Cai, Bilge Yildiz*, Dependence of Defect Chemistry and Surface Composition on the Crystal Orientation of (La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 Dense Thin Films, Electrochemistry Society Transactions 58 (2013), 265-274

13.Nikolay Tsvetkov, Qiyang Lu, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz*, Surface Chemistry and Non-Stoichiometry of Nd2NiO4+δ Epitaxial Thin Films with Different Orientation and Strain, Electrochemistry Society Transactions57 (2013), 1743

12.Yan Chen, WooChul Jung, Zhuhua Cai, Jae Jin Kim, Harry L Tuller, Bilge Yildiz, Impact of Sr segregation on the electronic structure and oxygen reduction activity of SrTi1-xFexO3surfaces, Energy & Environmental Science,5 (2012) 7979

11. Yan Chen, WooChul Jung, Yener Kuru, Harry Tuller, and Bilge Yildiz*, Chemical, Electronic and Nanostructure Dynamics on Sr(Ti1-xFex)O3 Thin-Film Surfaces at High Temperature, Electrochemistry Society Transactions 35(2011) 2409-2416

10.Zhuhua Cai, Yener Kuru, Jeong Woo Han, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz*, Surface Electronic Structure Transitions at High Temperature on Perovskite Oxides: The Case of Strained La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 Thin Films, Journal of the American Chemical Society133 (2011) 17696