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1. Historical Development
School of Physical Education was originally called Physical Education Teaching and Research Section of South China Institute of Technology, established in 1952. In 1992, the Physical Education Teaching and Research Section developed itself to Department of Physical Education. The past 50 years of industrious cultivation has witnessed a continually raise in faculty force, teaching quality, competitive strength and research ability. In January 2006, School of Physical Education was set up following the need of the Development of the University, and the construction of specialties, disciplines and curricula progressed steadily. So far, School of Physical Education is composed of three departments, two teaching groups, and one research base for the sports industry of Guangdong Province. The School has a strong faculty, who are proficient in physical education and high-level physical training. Among 64 full-time teachers, there are 7 professors and 26 associate professors, including 10 with doctor’s degree and 24 with master’s degree. The school is responsible for the physical education courses, extra-curricular exercises, training and competitions of 39,000 undergraduates and graduates in the university.

2. Guiding Ideologies
Being one of China’s key universities, SCUT has provided the School of Physical Education with rich teaching resources and cultural environment. Benefiting from the advantages of multidisciplinary comprehensive university, the school is on the track of developing a characteristic physical education by focusing on public physical education and students’ health, highlighting on competitive sports, identifying discipline construction as a breakthrough and striving towards cultivating masters as well as doctors.

3. Orientation and Goal
The school focuses its main efforts on undergraduate education and meanwhile actively develops graduate education, striving to maintain physical education and competitive sports in the lead across the country, and the cultivation of sport talents with remarkable characteristics. Orientation type: teaching (training) and research.

4. Sports Facilities
SCUT now has 3 multi-functional gymnasiums, 4 swimming pools, 5 sports fields, and 2 over-water golf courses, to name just a few. SCUT now leads its counterparts across the country in terms of quantity, functions, average area per student and construction quality of sports facilities

South Campus Gymnasium



1. Undergraduate Program---Sport Training
Sport training is the first bachelor program for sports in SCUT.

Educational Objectives
Objective 1:  Students shall master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of sports.
Objective 2: Students shall be equipped with specific sports skills and be able to accomplish various kinds of sports teaching, training, competition, refereeing and sport administration in universities, colleges, schools and clubs with different levels.
Objective 3: Students shall be fostered into compound application-oriented sports talents equipped with conception of modern physical education and sport training, with outstanding professional skills and all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique.

Specialty Features
Taking the characteristics of SCUT into consideration, this program focuses on major sport orientation teaching while still paying emphasis on minor sport orientation teaching, and highlighting the teaching and training of the widely spread ping-pang, badminton and tennis and other popular sports games as well. This program encourages students to take cross-specialty, interdisciplinary, or cross-campus course options, to promote students’ overall qualities and competitiveness.

Degree Conferred
Bachelor of Education

Schooling Years
4 years

Main Courses
Sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports biochemistry, sports biomechanics, sports psychology, pedagogy, sports training, sports administration, theory and practice of major sport orientation, theory and practice of minor sport orientation.

   The employment rate is always 100%, and with high evaluation of the Sports training undergraduates from employers. 

2. Graduate Program—Master in Physical Education

Educational Objectives
This program is designed to cultivate graduate students with versatile talents and professional skills, who, with all-round development in morality, intelligence and physique, and global vision, and equipped with certain scientific research and innovation competence, can fully meet such requirements of the society as in school sports, competitive sports and mass sports. Students are required to master theory of scientific socialism, abide laws, cherish noble morality, and fully devote to sport career. Students are also required to grasp a systematic knowledge of sports theories and solid basic sport skills, be familiar with the dynamic development of sports at home and abroad, be capable of applying advanced scientific research approaches independently to analyze and find out solution for problems in theory as well as in practice. Additionally, students are required to be proficient in one foreign language and be able to participate effectively in international conferences and other international exchange activities.

Educational Model
The graduate program adopts tutorial system. Under their supervisors’ guidance, postgraduate students are required to finish drafting their education plan during the first two weeks of their first semester. Referring to Master Degree Postgraduate Students Intermediate Evaluation Regulation of SCUT, postgraduate students are to take a mid-term assessment during the third semester and to finish the social practice section before the end of the third semester.

Postgraduate students are required to draft their thesis plan and thesis proposal during the first three weeks of the third semester and complete their thesis proposal defense before the end of the third semester. Before the dissertation defense, postgraduate students are required to publish at least one academic article(including conference papers) with South China University of Technology as the first signed unit and student himself as the first author or otherwise his supervisor as the first author and student himself as the second author. When finishing writing their master thesis, students are to participate in thesis defense according to the requirements of Provisional Regulations on Degree Conferring in South China University of Technology and Regulations on Postgraduate Students Thesis Defense in South China University of Technology.

Major Research Orientations
Sports industry and market development
School sport facilities construction and management
Physical education, sports training theories and practices
School sports reform and talents cultivation
Sustainable development and innovation of China competitive sports

Schooling Years
3 years

Social Practices and Teaching Practices
Social practices: According to program objectives, postgraduate students are required to participate in a variety of social surveys, scientific and technological development programs, social services, academic exchange activities at home and abroad. They are also required to take part in trainings and competitions held by universities, enterprises and public institutions.
Teaching practices: According to the curriculum schedule, postgraduate students are required to carry out a variety of class discussions, and offer help in undergraduate and public physical education, and extra-curricular training, and assist their supervisors in supervising undergraduate students’ graduation thesis.

Scientific Research

Publications: Ever since 2007, about 10 academic papers have been published in core academic journals each year, with gradually increased quality and unceasingly expanded academic impact.

Scientific research project: Ever since 2007, there has been a stable increase in numbers of projects and fund procurement, covering all levels of liberal arts project.

Academic exchange: More and more teachers of School of Physical Education keep actively attending academic activities at home and abroad, resulting in broadening of their international vision.


Public Physical Education

Feature 1:
With regard to Lingnan Characteristics, the school makes the most use of the existing resources of SCUT and attaches great importance to the development of physical education curriculum resources, gradually adds such fashionable sports like golf, Sloek, rock climbing, orienteering, and radio direction finding to the existing curriculum. Regarding students as the center of physical education, and highly valuing students’ self-choices, the school sets swimming and physical fitness as compulsory courses, which help forging in students the consciousness of life-long sports and health value. And now the school has gradually established a “compulsory project + optional project” physical education curriculum system with unique SCUT characteristic.

Feature 2:
The school aims to promote the spirit of Olympic and keeps its advantage in competitive sports by exploring a cultivating model of integrating teaching and training. The match between men’s volleyball and women’s volleyball hails the Olympic spirit of “Higher, Faster and Stronger” and greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of students in physical exercises, and arouses in student athletes the tenacious effort and constantly enterprising spirit. Many student athletes have participated in such sports meetings as Guangdong University Games, National University Games, World University Games, National Games, World Championship and even Olympic Games and have reaped great achievement, and thus have made due contribution to national sports enterprise.

The SCUT Award Recipients for Guangdong University Games



The 2006 Doha Asian Games
In the 2006 Doha Asian Games, the four student athletes of SCUT Zhao Qing, Liu Hong, Song Aimin, and He Dan won a total of 4 gold medals, 2 bronze medals. Zhao Qing won the 50-meter backstroke champion, 4×100 medley relay champion and 100-meter backstroke in third. Liu Hong won the 20-kilometer walking race champion. He Dan won the 20-kilometer walking race in third. Song Aimin won the women’s discus champion.


President Wang Yingjun Awards Prize to Discus Champion Song Aimin


The 24th World University Games
In the 24th World University Games in Bangkok, student athletes of SCUT Gan Lin and Sun Yi won the precious gold metal.

The 2007 National University Games 
Student athletes of SCUT won 33 gold metals, 30 silver metals, 16 bronze metals in total in the 8th National University Games, among which six students broke National University Games records of track and field and swimming. SCUT won the “President Cup” champion with 803.5 points.

The 2009 World Swimming Championships
Zhao Qing won the championship and broke the world record with the speed of 27.06 seconds in the 50-meter backstroke final battle in the 2009 World Swimming Championships, which was the second gold metal Chinese athletes won in that swimming championships, and break world record for the second as well.

SCUT swimmer Zhao Jing   SCUT Vice-President Qiu Xueqing

The 50th World Table Tennis Championships in 2009
In the 2009 world championships in Yokohama, Chao Zhen, an undergraduate from school of business and administration of South China University of Technology, worked with his partner and beat teammates in the final by 4:2 and won the mixed doubles champion.
Olympic Champion Chen Ding, SCUT Race Walking Athlete

Mass Sports Development
Implementing actively the CPC Central Committee and State Council’s Advice on Strengthening Teenager Sports and Enhancing Teenager Physique and sticking to the guiding ideology of “people-oriented, health first”, SCUT carries out extensive mass sports activities and has founded such mass sports organizations as Rock Climbing Association, Martial Arts Association, Taekwondo Association, Football Fans Association, Skating Association, Chess Association, and so on. And the student extra-curricular physical exercises instruction websites has already been established. Each year, there are more than 10 thousand students participating in SCUT sports meeting, and so students’ physique is increasingly enhanced.