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MPA program

• MPA program was approved in 2003. The school is rich of strong faculty, including lots of excellent full-time professors and academic experts in the circle of public administration and all other related fields, we also have more than 20 part-time teachers and scholars who specialize in Political Science, Public Administration home and abroad.

• The MPA is a graduate program with a strong vocational education background. Its education is in-service training.

• Training Objectives
The program aims to cultivating wide scope, applied  and inter-disciplinary high level professionals for government and non-government department, who has solid basic theories of public management and public policy,  grasp advanced analyze methods and technology, good at specific area of public management and public policy,  possess good  professional ethics and be able to use the theory of political science, economics, law, foreign language, modern technology , quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, computer technique to analyze and solve the practical  problems.

• Main Research Directions:
Public Administration
public Policy and Regional Development
Educational Economy and Management
Land Resources Management

• The main course:
Public Management
Public Economics
Public Policy
Political Science
Administrative law
Special Studies of Technological Innovation  and Regional Development
Special Studies of Administrative Culture
Special Studies of Administrative Culture
Public Human Resource Management Research
Analysis and Evaluation of Public Projects
Special Studies of Leadership Science
Performance Management in Public Sector
Special Studies of Decision-making and Crisis Management
Special Studies of Tax Administration
Special Studies of Public Finance
Special Studies of Municipal Administration
Managerial Communication
Public Relationship of Government