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Since 2010, SPA-SCUT has made great achievements in scientific research; 21 faculties has successfully received total grants amount to approximately 2 million RMB, covering 45 research programs and projects; among which, 3 are key projects funded by the Department of Education Guangdong Province, 10 are contract-based funded by enterprises and other institutes. And the rest are mainly school-funded projects. Under such intensified funds and grants, the faculty of SPA-SCUT have produce a fruitful scientific achievement, publishing 97 academic papers on some leading journals and 20 monographs; some selective papers are cited by CSSCI and EI, imposing great academic & social influence.

Through the comparative analysis with the academic progress last year, we can find that the faculty’s scientific research has shown a steady increasing trend. In spite of the short time since the establishment of new school, the faculty actively involves in scientific research and enthusiastically dedicate to the social service. It should be emphasized that those projects funded by Guangdong Provincial agencies are closely in line with the Guangdong’s economical & social development. For instance, Dr. Han Shucheng’s research on “Pearl River Delta Urban Land ecological security evaluation and management ”, and Prof. Wei XiaoHong’s research on “ the Pearl River Delta regional industrial structure adjustment and Policy Game Research”, both constructively respond to the Pearl River Delta Plan for achieving economical structural adjustment in transition, providing a lot of valuable intellectual support; Prof. Zheng Fanghui’s “Empirical Research on the Overall Performance Evaluation of Guangdong local government” significantly promotes his previous research to a new level. In addition, a provincial key research base for Humanitarian & Social Science— Research Institute of Government Decision & Performance Evaluation— was approved by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, the E- Government Laboratory was also authorized as the National Experimental Center Construction Unit, all of those institutional building also greatly contribute to the academic research progress.

All in all, we should appreciate those achievements attained; however, the future sustainable progress deserves expectation!