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Rising from 100-year history of higher education and unique Lingnan cultural heritage, School of Public Administration, South China University of Technology (SPA- SCUT) scrupulously abide by Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s precept “the World is for All”, and thus commit itself to growing into an education-research institution with remarkable academic and social influence, for the purpose of fulfilling public spirit and achieving morality and justice.

SPA- SCUT is situated at the east dimension of the hilltop in Wushan Campus, whose geographical position implies the respect of public value as well as safeguarding public power & order. Located at the No.5 building, an exquisite building combined with classical Chinese and new-type western style, the architectural style also accords with the school’s pursuit of integrating the wisdom of eastern and western management philosophy into local governance of Guangdong Province. Sited in such a spiritual home and rooted at this frontier region for Reform & Opening-up, the school sticks to the motto of “cultivating the whole-person development, pursing the study, serving the public and seeking the truth”. Therefore, SPA- SCUT strives to follow a path for connotative development which ingrates alumni and social resources, connection with government or public departments and partnerships with the international first-class universities together, setting out to produce a great deal of academic outcomes of high standard, cultivate a large number of talents specialized in public management theory and practice and aim to achieve an extensive enlightenment of social and public spirit.

With the initiatives to embrace reform and promote development, shape unique discipline characteristics and maintain consistent academic consensus, SPA- SCUT would make unremitting efforts to forge an academic research center focusing on global vision, China wisdom and knowledge innovation for public administration, a leading think thank involving public participation and a strategic base for social service, radiating its profound influences across Southern China and the adjacent area.

Let’s stay true to our heart and march a glorious path forward!

                                     Dr. WANG Zhiqiang

             Dean and Professor, School of Public Administration, SCUT