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State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering


State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering (SKLPPE) at South China University of Technology is the only State Key Laboratory in the field of paper engineering in China. The laboratory was granted by the previous State Planning Commission in 1989, fully established in November of 1995 and officially opened to domestic and international scholars from February of 1996. With good performance, the laboratory had been renewed three times by the national Ministry of Science and Technology. With 30 years’ construction and development, the laboratory has grown to be a world leading institute in the fundamental research and engineering of pulp & paper related fields. The executive director of the Laboratory is Professor Yingwei Li, and the academic committee includes 15 outstanding experts including 12  academicians. Professor Suojiang Zhang, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the chairman of the committee.

To meet critical needs of the state and promote technology innovation of paper industry, the Laboratory dedicates to the fundamental and applied researches related to national development keeping a pace with the frontier of pulp and papermaking. Our motto is “Open, Dynamic, Collaborative and Competitive”. An excellent working environment for academic activities has been formed through the establishment of a series of comprehensive regulations. This Laboratory will stick to the spirit of the Chinese ancients and stand with the frontier of paper science to resolve the key technical problems in pulping and paper industry. Our goal is to make progress in paper science and serve the paper industry.



National Engineering Research Center of Papermaking & Pollution Control


The National Engineering Research Center of Papermaking and Pollution Control (referred to as the Center) is a national-level research institution approved by the State Development and Planning Commission (now National Development and Reform Commission) in March 1996, based at South China University of Technology. From the approval date to 2015, the center has made important contributions to promoting the technological progress of the paper industry.

Since 2016, the center has highly integrated papermaking technologies with the development of materials (filter materials, honeycomb materials, stealth materials, high-frequency printed circuit boards, batteries separators, absorption materials, etc.) that are widely used in strategic emerging industries, such as aviation, aerospace, rail transportation, shipbuilding,electronics, new energy. The center will create a novel cooperation pattern with industry leaders (China Banknote, AVIC, CSSC, etc.) to promote the technological innovation, pilot-scale verification, transformation and incubation of key core technologies for papermaking and lightweight materials.

Pilot plant for paper-based composite materials