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Facts & Figures

1. Faculty and staff

The school has 108 faculty& stuff members, including 86 full-time faculties (33 full-professors, 46 associate-professors and 7 assistant-professors), 11 lab technicians, and 11 administrative staffs.


2. Student

Currently, the school has 317 undergraduate students. In 2020, a total of 103 undergraduate students enrolled in the program, while 79 students graduated and the employment rate was 94.69%.

499 graduate students are currently studying in the school, including 142 doctoral students and 357 master’s students.


3. Research

In 2019, the school has total funds of 64 million Yuan (ca. 10.1 million US Dollars). The researchers filed 133 patent applications, of which one patent has been valued as a share, with an estimated value of 5.1 million yuan.

Some important awards:

  • First-level prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress: Key technology and industrialization of clean production of pulp and paper and whole process control of water pollution

  • First-level prize of scientific and technological progress of outstanding scientific research achievements of colleges and universities (special projects for national defense)

  • One Second-level prize of natural science and one Second-level prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Light Industry Federation.

  • One achievement appraisal


4. Capital asserts

The school has a total number of 7160 equipment and instruments, with a total value of capital assets of 183 million Yuan (ca. 29 million US Dollars) by 2020. In 2019, 389 new equipment/instruments were bought, with a total value of about 8.37 million Yuan.